PDF Conversion and File Naming Instructions

PDF Converting Instruction

You are responsible for converting your application documents from whichever format (ie. JPEG, GIF) into a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. PDF is a widely-used file format and a secure way of saving digital documentation.

There are many online resources available to help assist you with PDF conversions. If you do not have the tools to create PDF's, please enter the following keywords into any search engine:

  • "converting files to PDF's";
  • "converting GIF and JPEG files to PDF";
  • "free JPEG to PDF converter";
  • "PDF conversion".

File Naming Instruction

In order to ensure quick and efficient processing of your graduate application, you are required to name all documents uploaded to the UAlberta ApplyGrad system. Please apply the following file naming conventions:

General example: Your last name_First name_Document type_Related institution (if applicable) .pdf.

Please use underscores (_) to separate the various terms included in your file name. All file names should end with ".pdf".

If your document is related to an institution (eg. transcripts, degree certificates, or marksheets), please abbreviate the name of the institution where possible (UAlberta, UChicago, UofT, PekingU, etc.)

Specific examples:

  • Fraser_John_CV.pdf
  • Fraser_John_Transcript_McGill.pdf
  • Fraser_John_WritingSample.pdf
  • Fraser_John_DegreeCertificate_UBirmingham.pdf
  • Fraser_John_TOEFLTestResults.pdf

By naming your files according to the above specifications, we can better serve you and the rest of the graduate applicant community. Thank you for your cooperation.