PDF Conversion + File Naming Instructions

PDF Conversion 

All application documents must be submitted as Portable Document Format (PDF) files. It's your job to convert your application documents from their original formats (ie. JPEG, GIF) into a PDF file.

For PDF conversion help, search online using these keywords:

  • "Converting files to PDFs"
  • "Converting GIF and JPEG files to PDF"
  • "Free JPEG to PDF converter"
  • "PDF conversion"

File Naming 

For efficient processing, use the following file naming conventions when uploading your documents to the GSMS portal:

Example: Lastname_Firstname_DocumentType_RelatedInstitution.pdf

Use underscores (_) to separate terms and end all filenames with ".pdf".

For documents related to institutions, abbreviate their names where possible (e.g., UAlberta, UChicago, UofT, PekingU, etc.).


  • Fraser_John_CV.pdf
  • Fraser_John_Transcript_McGill.pdf
  • Fraser_John_WritingSample.pdf
  • Fraser_John_DegreeCertificate_UBirmingham.pdf
  • Fraser_John_TOEFLTestResults.pdf