Shared Credential Applications

Shared credential programs are either joint- or dual-degree programs between the University of Alberta and a partner institution. 

Students of shared credential programs generally graduate with either:

  • Two degrees (one from the U of A and one from the partner institution)
  • A degree from the student's home institution with a notation on the parchment that the program was offered with the other institution

How to apply

Step 1: Admission at Home Institution

All students must already be admitted to a graduate degree program at their home institution.

Step 2: Contact the Liaison Officers at Both Institutions

Students must contact the designated liaison officer for the program at both institutions. To find contact information for liaison officers at the U of A, see the International Joint and Dual Degree Graduate Program table.

Step 3: Thesis-based Programs: Confirm Supervisors at Both Institutions

Students in thesis-based programs must speak to their supervisor at their home institution and with their help, find and contact a supervisor at the partner institution.

Step 4: Initial Approval

Students and both institutions must complete a Shared Credential Initial Approval Form and obtain signatures from both institutions. The Informed Consent for Disclosure of Personal Information is incorporated in this form.

Note: Incoming and outgoing students applying from a Transfor-M Dual degree program or Business MBA Dual degree program will need to complete a separate Informed Consent for Disclosure of Personal Information Form needs to be completed. The template for this form can be provided by admissions staff in GPS.

Step 5: Admission to the Shared Credential Program

Incoming students 

If the Shared Credential Initial Approval Form is accepted, incoming students must complete the Shared Credential Application Form to apply for graduate admission at the U of A. Students must meet all the admission requirements of the U of A and submit supporting documents.

Outgoing students

Outgoing students must complete the admission process at the partner institution, meet all the admission requirements and submit supporting documents. Next, students must complete the Shared Credential Participation Form for the applicable terms of study at the partner institution. GPS program services will register students at the U of A in AGRMT (Agreement) for each term away. 

Required Forms

Incoming students from the partner institution
Outgoing students from the U of A