HSERC graphic The Health Sciences Education and Research Commons, part of the Health Sciences Council, is a collaboration among all health sciences faculties and programs at the University of Alberta. We support research and educational programming in each health sciences faculty and work together to research, develop, evaluate and deliver interprofessional education (IPE). Better Healthcare for Albertans identifies coordinated team-based care as a key characteristic of high performing healthcare systems. Students develop interprofessional health team skills by "learning with, from and about each other." This is the core definition of interprofessional education and it is what guides our work.

Our clinical learning and simulation space is supported by an experienced team offering exam management services, tailored simulation experiences and an in-house Standardized Patient Program. We provide a full range of client services including scenario scripting, training on SP methodology, simulation development and logistics, and evaluation.

HSERC graphicWe partner with the University's health sciences faculties to integrate interprofessional education into the curriculum across programs, through the Interprofessional Learning Pathway. For health sciences students, this approach is integral to our commitment to providing students with experiences that link them to their futures and facilitate their success. We prepare students to be collaborative practitioners in integrated healthcare systems, promising better health outcomes for all Canadians.

We create and manage events and simulation experiences for both university partners and external clients. Our suite of simulation and clinical learning spaces supports experiential health-team learning. Our Standardized Patient Program provides a trained cohort of SPs, expertise in SP methodology, and efficient, cost effective SP administration processes. We also use high-fidelity mannequins, and recreated spaces, including clinical exam rooms, critical and universal care spaces and our Smart CondoTM. Students practice procedures and improve hands-on skills in an environment where they can learn without risking patient harm. Each of our simulation based events includes facilitated debriefing. We incorporate reflection as both a team skill, and an important aspect of experiential learning.

HSERC graphicThe Health Sciences Education and Research Commons is located in the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy with easy access to one of Canada's largest health precincts. We house 1,400 m2 of flexible space designed to support health team education, experiential learning and health sciences education research. Our space is appropriate for OSCEs, OSPEs, large scale simulation events, Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) and other assessment and licensure exams. We offer a range of support services including Standardized Patients, simulation equipment and supports, and monitoring and recording systems. Our simulation lab forms part of the second largest B-Line Medical installation in the world, with 48 devices accessing SimCapture and Clinical Skills technology. Each space has unique attributes and can be customized for specific uses.

The College of Health Sciences provides a qualitative respirator fit test for N95 respirator masks.

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Take a tour of the HSERC space and watch as real-life medical residents learn in true to life simulations, take their medical exams, and explore housing options of the future in the Smart Condo.

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