Certify or register equipment for work with hazardous materials

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Planning to work with equipment?

Before using equipment, ensure that you have completed the following:

  1. Register all research-related equipment (such as lasers, x-rays, BSCs, autoclaves, etc.) in the HSE database
  2. Read the equipment specifications and/or manual and note preventive maintenance schedule
  3. Complete training and demonstrate competencies required to operate the equipment safely

Complete maintenance and calibration activities as specified by the manufacturer.

Lasers, x-ray equipment, or BSCs

Your equipment will need to be certified or tested by HSE. Notify HSE or complete the appropriate form:

Work should not begin until all certification, permitting, or testing processes are complete.


In Alberta, autoclaves are regulated by the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA).

All autoclaves over 42.5 L must have a Canadian Registration Number (CRN) that is valid in Alberta. To be valid, a CRN must contain a "2" or a "C" after the decimal point.

Examples of valid CRN: 1234.25, 1234.5c

Example of invalid CRN: 1234.5

For more information, contact ABSA or hse.info@ualberta.ca


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