Set up a research space for work with hazardous materials

210 Materials Management Building (MMB)

New researchers at the U of A must identify, assess, and control hazards prior to beginning work at the university. Follow the steps below to get started:

Contact HSE at to set up an appointment to register your worksite in the HSE module of the ARISE database. You will need the following information:

  • Hazards used in the space (e.g., chemical, biological, radiological, UV, high voltage, etc.)
  • Personnel in the space
  • Equipment in the space (lasers, X-rays, scintillation counters, biological safety cabinets, autoclaves)
2. Review shared space considerations
Will you be working in a space shared with another research group (such as a joint lab, cold room, or autoclave room)? Review these safety considerations for a shared space.
3. Apply for permits or approvals

Work with the following types of hazardous materials at the University of Alberta may require additional permits or approvals:

You must have approvals in place before beginning work with hazardous materials.

The following equipment will need to be certified or tested by HSE before work can begin:

Learn more about certification and testing of laboratory equipment.

Health, Safety and Environment offers the following services to prevent illness or serious injury that could be associated with exposure to hazards:

  • Audiometric testing
  • Personal radiation monitoring (dosimetry)
  • Health assessments related to pregnancy or change in immune status
  • Vaccination consultation
  • Post-exposure response planning
  • Reporting and tracking laboratory-acquired infections

Learn more here.

All locations that house hazardous materials must have hazard signage on the door to the hallway. Learn more here.

Remember to complete the following documentation and have it readily available for review by your research team or by HSE inspectors:

University research groups that generate hazardous waste should enroll in CHEMATIX, a web-based system to manage waste disposal. Based on CHEMATIX input, HSE will schedule waste pickup and transfer for the university. 

Learn more.

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