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Environmental management is an element of the Health, Safety, and Environment Management System (HSEMS), which is a framework of policy, procedure, and program-level documents in support of safe working and learning activities at the University of Alberta. 

U of A senior administrators, supervisors, staff, and students have legislated and university-mandated roles and responsibilities related to hazard management. Review the Environmental Management Assignment of Accountability and Environmental Management Procedure to learn more.

What environmental services does HSE provide?

In addition to hazardous waste management, HSE also provides the following environmental services to the university community:

  • Oversight of environmental approvals and licenses
  • Environmental assessments as requested
  • Liaison with regulators
  • Oversight of remediation and reclamation activities on university property
  • Review of environmental reports related to university property

Report an environmental incident

Report all spills or releases of hazardous materials as soon as possible, including hazardous discharges to air, land, or water. Immediate reporting ensures that legislated reporting requirements are met and can help to minimize impacts to the environment.

Inform your supervisor, complete the online incident reporting form, and provide information as required by HSE to complete necessary corrective actions.

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