Hazardous waste pick up and disposal

210 Materials Management Building (MMB)

University research groups that generate hazardous waste should enroll in CHEMATIX, a web-based system to manage waste disposal. Based on CHEMATIX input, HSE will schedule waste pickup and transfer for the university.

To get started in CHEMATIX:

1. Register online to get access to CHEMATIX. You will be added to the system and notified by email.

2. For information about safe disposal of hazardous waste take the Hazardous Waste Management course and review the CHEMATIX user manual

3. Visit the CHEMATIX website for more information or to log in.

NOTE: Use your university CCID and associated password to log in to the system.

Don't have a CCID?

TEC Edmonton and other groups at the university may not currently have a CCID. Contact IST to request a guest CCID.

What happens after registration in CHEMATIX?

Once you're registered in CHEMATIX, HSE will come to your area to pick up the hazardous waste. Review the waste pickup process and schedule here.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding waste disposal.

What happens after waste is picked up?

Waste is transferred by truck to the university's hazard waste facility at Cloverbar. There it is sorted and then sent for final disposal to licensed waste facilities in and around the City of Edmonton.

How should I label my container?

The federal Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Act regulates the transportation of specific products. According to TDG Regulations, the following information must appear on a container label:

  • Name of chemical (list all constituents)
  • Quantity (weight or volume of each component)

How should I package my container?

  • Ensure containers are chemically compatible with contents
  • Choose containers with screw top or sealed lids
  • Place leaking containers in secondary containers
  • Leave 10% air space in containers in case of expansion
  • Where possible, autoclave and dispose of as regular garbage
  • Where autoclaving is not possible, dispose of wastes in an appropriate container (e.g., box, bag, or pail; sharps in a designated container)
  • Refer to the Biosafety Manual for more information
  • Use only clear plastic bags and deface radioactive labels inside the bag. If necessary, perform a contamination survey of the container, and decontaminate as required.
  • In addition, if disposing of liquid scintillation vials, separate glass from plastic vials and double bag waste or box in the original shipping container.

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