Post hazard signage

All locations that house hazardous materials must have hazard signage on the door to the hallway. Signage illustrates what hazards are in a space and what PPE is required. In an emergency, first responders may also rely on signage for contact information and to understand the hazards in the space.

To create, print, and update hazards signs, follow the steps below:

1. Register in the HSE database

To register your research group in the HSE database, follow the step by step instructions in the applicant manual.

2. Print your hazard signage

If your group is currently in the database, you can print your own hazard signage. Follow the instructions in the applicant manual to print signage.

Hazard signage should be printed in colour. If your group does not have access to a colour printer, contact us at and HSE will print a colour sign for your group.

3. Update a hazard sign

Information on your hazard signage should be kept up-to-date. Once you have amended the information in the database, print new signage as soon as possible

hazard signage
Post hazard signage on your laboratory door.

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