The University of Alberta has a large number of excellent Immunologists affiliated with various departments across the University of Alberta campus.  In 1996 the ImmuNet was formed as an affinity group to establish a focus and provide profile for Immunology research interests at the University of Alberta.  Our primary goal is to coordinate and promote Immunology research and education.

The ImmuNet is interdepartmental and multidisciplinary.  All faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and staff in the field of Immunology, irrespective of home department, are invited to participate in ImmuNet activities.

The ImmuNet seminar series currently runs each Thursday from 10-11am, using zoom seminars while social-distancing remains in effect.  Please check the Seminars menu tab for more information. 

We also host two prestigious seminar series with The Lorne Tyrrell Lectureship in Infection and Immunity as well as the Distinguished Immunologist Seminars.  Information on both of these seminar series is available as options under the About menu.