Distinguished Immunologist Seminars

Yearly, Immunology Network trainees select a world-renowned immunologist through a nomination process for a two-day visit. The trainees organize and host the visit of the Distinguished Immunologist where they interact extensively with the speaker in both scientific and informal settings. The Distinguished Immunologist visit provides an excellent opportunity for networking and establishing collaborations for trainees and faculty.

Past Distinguished Immunologist Seminars

Nov, 2018 Dr. Bruno Lemaitre
How host parasite evolution forged the Drosophila immune system
May, 2017 Dr. Adolfo Garcia-Sastre
Influenza Virus-Host Interactions
Apr, 2016 Dr. Dario Vignali
Inhibitory Mechanisms in Cancer and Autoimmunity
Sep, 2014 Dr. Ellen Robey
Visualizing T cell Selection in the Thymus
June, 2013 Dr. James Di Santo, 
Innate Lymphoid Cells: New Players in Immunity and Tissue Remodeling
Apr, 2012 Dr. Judy Lieberman 
Disruption of mRNA processing during apoptosis
Jan, 2011 Dr. Ralph M. Steinman
Vaccines that target dendritic cells
May, 2009 Dr. Mitchell Kronenberg
Innate-like recognition of diverse microbes by natural killer T cells
June, 2008 Dr. Diane Mathis 
Molecular control of immunological tolerance
Oct, 2007 Dr. Marc Jenkins
Tracking the activation of polyclonal naive helper T cells during the immune response
Apr, 2007 Dr. David Hockenbery
A systems approach to dissecting immunity
Feb, 2006 Dr. Max Cooper
Somatic diversification of variable lymphocyte receptors in the agnathan sea lamprey
Feb, 2004 Dr. Richard Flavell
Molecular genetics of the immune response
Nov, 2002 Dr. Stephen Galli
Mast cell as effector and amplifiers of asthma and other innate and acquired immune responses
Oct, 2002 Dr. Lewis Lanier
Natural killer cell recognition of viruses
Fall, 2001 Dr. Stephen Galli
New perspectives in Asthma research
Apr, 2001 Dr. Michael Dustin
The immunological synapse
Oct, 2000 Dr. Stephen Hedrick
A basis for lineage commitment in T cell development
Mar, 2000 Dr. Dan Littman
Towards a molecular understanding of HIV pathogenesis
Sep, 1999 Dr. Marc Jenkins
Visualizing the activation of antigen-specific CD4 T cells in the body
Oct, 1998 Dr. Michael Julius
Functional coupling of TCR and CD3 signaling
Nov, 1997 Dr. Art Weiss
Signal transduction by the T cell antigen receptor
Sep, 1997 Dr. Philippa Marrack
T cell specificity and function
May, 1997 Dr. Paul Allen
Close encounters with the T-cell receptor
May, 1997 Dr. Polly Matzinger
Tolerance and the four Ds: Danger, Distress, Destruction and Death
Jan, 1997 Dr. Pere Santamaria