PIBs Function Definitions

For purposes of classifying PIBs by type, university and departmental PIBs have been broken down and grouped into the following functions which are related to the purposes for the collection of personal information for each PIB type.

Activities with regard to the day-to-day management of university and departmental offices.

Activities aiming at the promotion of the university, its mission, departments and programs; includes alumni relations and fund-raising.

Equipment and Supplies
Activities aiming at the management of university and department equipment and supply resources; includes provision, service, and maintenance.

Activities aiming at the management of university and departmental facilities and properties; including space planning, construction and maintenance, rents and leases, and emergency preparedness.

Activities aiming at the management of university and departmental financial resources; includes budget planning, investment, income and expenditure, and audits.

Activities aiming at the self-governance of the university and its departments as organizations; includes establishing departments and programs, policy development, audit, dispute adjudication and investigation.

Human Resources
Activities aiming at the management of university faculty, staff and contractors; includes hiring, supervising, managing employee job classifications, labour relations, occupational health and safety, professional development and management of pensions and benefits.

Public Relations and Communications
Activities focused on the collection, analysis, production and dissemination of information about the university, its departments and activities; includes statistical analysis, public and media relations, publication, presentations, workshops and conferences.

Activities focused on furthering the growth of knowledge in its various branches; including undertaking research and administering research resources.

Student Services and Records
Activities focused on the provision of support services to students and the documentation of students' academic progress. Includes student financial assistance, advising, housing, recreational services; and recording of student grades, accomplishments, disciplinary matters, and other academic-related activities.

Teaching and Academic Programs
Activities focused on the provision of instruction in the various branches of knowledge; includes curriculum planning and development and teaching.

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September 2018