Mobile & Desktop Phones

We keep the university connected through a wide range of services including mobile device support, telephones, mobile device management (MDM), directory service, and teleconferencing support. We ensure you have support remotely, at your desk, in the boardroom, or on the go.
Mobile Phone Support

Mobile Device Support

Support for this service include encryption, mobile deployment, and MDM software installation.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a service to provide better security for corporate devices like smartphones and tablets. 

TEMS System

Telecom Expense Management System

Submit telephone orders, view telephone billings and reports, through the Telecom Expense Management System (TEMS) or view our training materials.

Our Service Delivery

IST’s service delivery model is centered around remote delivery of services and access to self service resources. Support requests will be responded to through remote access tools that allow support requests to be responded to from anywhere and more expeditiously. 

Users can also access answers to questions 24x7 through the IST Self Service Portal and IST’s Vera Chatbot. The IST Self Service Portal connects users to curated knowledge articles based on common inquiries. The Vera Chatbot is designed to answer IT-related requests over live chat. 

We will visit onsite only for those requests that cannot be resolved remotely.

Mobile Device Support (Phones and Tablets)

Mobile Device Support

Support for this service include encryption, mobile deployment, and MDM software installation.

Mobile Phone Request General Inquiry

Encryption Support: IST will provide recommendations and instructions for protecting UofA data that may be stored on personally-owned mobile devices.

Mobile Deployment: If a device is procured through IST, IST will deliver and assist in the basic setup of the mobile device, including installing SIM cards, email setup on mobile devices and computers, and guidance on how to transfer data from old phones.

MDM Software Installation: Mobile devices owned by the University of Alberta will be enrolled in the UofA’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) program. This program automatically ensures that the mobile device is encrypted and secured.

Commonly Asked Questions

As a staff or faculty member, you may be eligible for a desktop and/or wireless phone. Contact your departmental telecom contact for more information, requests for telephone equipment installations, moves, and all other telephone needs! 

* Please note that if working remotely, the TEMS application requires a VPN connection. To access the TEMS VPN, please use the usual, but when you are prompted for your username and password, use CCID@tems, along with your normal password. 

Who is eligible?
This is a standard service provided to all IST supported clients.
What are the support hours?

This service will be available during standard University business hours:

  • Summer Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Winter Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 pm to 4:30 pm
How do I submit TEMS telephone orders, view telephone billings and reports?

To perform any of these actions, please visit The Telecom Expense Management System (TEMS), using your CCID to log in.

For more information on using TEMS, refer to our training materials.

How do I place calls from my university desk phone?

Placing a call within the University of Alberta campus requires only 5 digits! This means that if you are trying to reach anyone at North Campus, South Campus, Enterprise Square, or Campus St. Jean from any of these areas, you only need to enter in the last five digits of their university phone number.

  • To make local Edmonton & vicinity calls outside of the University:
    • Dial 9 + the ten-digit phone number
  • For long distance calls:
    • North America is 9+1+phone number
    • Outside North America is 9+011+phone number
See our detailed dialing instructions article for more information.
How do I use voicemail on my desk phone?
Please read our Voicemail Instruction Guide for more information.
What options are available for voicemail?

Various voicemail features are available to add to your university issued phone. Please connect with your departmental contact if you wish to add the following voicemail features:

  • Convert a voicemail message into a digital audio file for emailing purposes
  • Set up an alternate greeting, for extended absences that blocks callers from leaving voicemail messages until the greeting is removed
  • Provide callers the option of pressing “0” to be redirected to another number

If you do not have voicemail, you can add it to your university phones at no additional cost. If you wish to reset or change your voicemail password, contact IST or connect directly with our chatbot Vera, who can reset your password for you.

How do I use telephone sets on campus?

There are a variety of phone sets your departmental telecommunications contact can request. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from the following list of phone sets available and their tutorials:

PBX Phone Sets

VOIP Phone Sets

Analog Phone Sets

How can I find contact information for a University of Alberta employee?

The UAlberta directory, often known as Find a Person, provides you with a directory of all university employees so you can easily find their contact information.

UAlberta Directory

Am I eligible for a telephone or cell phone?

As a staff or faculty member, you may be eligible for a desk phone or a university issued cell phone.

To determine eligibility, contact your departmental telecommunications contact for additional information and approval. Your departmental contact will submit a request for the phone installation and setup on your behalf.

If your departmental contact has approved a corporate cell phone from TELUS or Bell, they will submit a TEMS order for the purchase and delivery of the chosen device, and it will be set up through our Pay-Per-Use plan. Our Pay-Per-Use plan includes competitive rates for talk, text, long-distance and roaming through Telus or Bell. For more information, visit Pay-Per-Use Plan.

If you’re looking for specific services related to telephone equipment rentals, phone number installations, moves, feature additions, and accessories, contact us.

Are there employee personal/family plans available for Internet, TV and mobile phones?

For TELUS Exclusive Partner Program

University of Alberta staff are eligible for the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program (EPP). For more information, visit the TELUS site for monthly promotional offers:

Questions? Contact your dedicated TELUS representative Anna Bieniak by email at, or the support team by phone at 1-844-888-4440.

You may also be eligible for TELUS Home Services offers. Please contact the support team by email at, or by phone at 1-844-332-3459.

For Bell Employee Purchase Plan

Get your unique offer code in 4 easy steps:

  1. Visit to validate your employment.
  2. Sign up with your corporate email address.
    Verifying your employment is much faster and simpler with your corporate email address. If you do not have a corporate email address, an alternative email address may be used with the following proof of employment:
    • Identification Card or Employee Badge
    • Letter of Employment with company letter head
    • Pay Stubs
      Note: In order to protect your privacy please black out any sensitive details, except your name, your employer and date when providing pay stubs or a letter of employment. Please do not share payment, salary, deductions, banking information or any other sensitive information. T4 slips are not acceptable forms of proof of employment.
  3. Follow the simple directions on the site to register.
  4. Check your email for your unique offer code and follow instructions to make your purchase
Visit for the latest pricing and promotions or call 1-833-237-0600.
What do I need to know about traveling abroad and roaming charges?

If you’re traveling out of the country, learn more about the zone information from TELUS and Bell.

Please note: TELUS Mobility now offers US travel plans for University Corporate Pay-Per-Use cell phone users. The TELUS Mobility website no longer displays travel plan choices that e users could select. For more information, view our page on travel plans for US and International Travel.

Refer to TELUS Travel and Roaming or Bell’s International Roaming Packages for add-on plans and available rates.

Please note: When you obtain a data package through your provider, it does not provide you with unlimited data usage, and overages are extremely expensive. Wi-Fi should be used in all locations available to minimize data usage and cost. If you will be using extensive data in a foreign country, it is more cost effective to purchase a SIM card from a local cellular company in the country that you are traveling to.

For information on roaming:

You also have the option to purchase your own SIM card before you leave Canada, as well as once you arrive in the country you are traveling to:

What cabling standards are required for telecommunications during renovations or construction?
For information on this topic, refer to the IST Networking Standards.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a service to provide better information security for university corporate devices (smartphones and tablets). The application, called Intelligent Hub, will enhance security by ensuring a six-digit pin (passcode, password or pattern) is used and enables file and email encryption on mobile devices.

MDM Self Service Portal

Why is the University implementing MDM?

On an ongoing basis, the university experiences a high number of lost or stolen unencrypted mobile devices.These breaches:

  • Require the university to notify the Provincial Privacy Commissioner
  • Subject the university to a high reputation and regulatory risks
  • Require notifications be sent to many individuals potentially at risk (whose information was stored on the lost or stolen device)
  • Take significant time and resources to manage

An MDM tool also aligns with the university’s Information Technology Use and Management Policy and Encryption Procedure.

Which devices are impacted?
The MDM application is required for university corporate paid phones/devices with a SIM card on corporate invoices (TELUS Mobility phones: pay-per-use plan, Bell Mobility phones: pay-per-use plan or existing contracted Rogers Communications phones).
How will MDM help?
If you lose your university corporate cell phone, you can contact IST (780-492-9400) to delete any work related, student or employee information from your phone, thus reducing the risk of a privacy or security breach. To update your phone’s pin or locate your lost phone, visit the MDM self service portal.
Technical Details
  1. During iPhone enrolment the following default message appears: "The administrator may collect personal data, add/remove accounts and restrictions, list, install, and manage apps, and remotely erase data on your iPhone."

    This statement is created by Apple and is not part of the AirWatch application. The MDM software monitors the overall security and health status of the device.The information available to the AirWatch service is: device, status, Internet Protocol (IP) address, carrier and basic owner identifiers (device ID, serial number, operating system version, enrollment date, carrier, asset number, battery life percentage, etc.)

  2. A small percentage (less than 1%) of users have experienced slower device performance. If you have experienced this, please contact IST for assistance. This may require reinstalling the application, or restarting the device.
More Information
For more information about how to enrol in the AirWatch application, or to view frequently asked questions, visit the MDM Google site.

For questions about completing the AirWatch installation, contact IST by emailing Alternatively, if you have questions about this initiative, please contact the office of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at