Diversity in Diplomacy: Working Around the Globe as an LGBT+ Diplomat

27 May 2020

The Diversity in Diplomacy series provides an EDI perspective on diplomatic service.  This series is jointly hosted by Intersections of Gender, University of Alberta International and the Peter Lougheed Leadership College.

This inaugural webinar featured the U.S. Consul General in Calgary Lucia C. Piazza speaking with Dr. Lois Harder and Dr. Susanne Luhmann about her experiences in the U.S. foreign service, and in particular as a LGBT+ diplomat.

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The Diversity in Diplomacy series is jointly organized by the University of Alberta’s Intersections of Gender Signature Area, the Peter Lougheed Leadership College, and University of Alberta International. In moderated online conversations, heads of diplomatic missions, such as Canadian and foreign ambassadors, high commissioners, and consuls general, are invited to reflect on their practice of foreign policy and diplomacy with a view on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in the diplomatic service.

Diversity in Diplomacy series:

  1. Diversity in Diplomacy: Working Around the Globe as an LGBT+ Diplomat
    with Lucia C. Piazza, U.S. Consul General in Calgary 
  2. Diplomacy and Race: A Black Canadian Diplomat in the Southern U.S.
    with Nadia Theodore, Consul General of Canada to the Southeastern United States
  3. Indigeneity and Diplomacy: Representing Canada Across the Globe as an Indigenous Woman
    with Deborah Chatsis, former Canadian Ambassador 
  4. African Woman Diplomat: Challenges and Opportunities
    with Fatima Braoulé Méïté, Ambassador of the Republic of Mali in Canada