Develop your leadership skills.

Leadership isn’t limited to business or politics, there are leaders in every discipline, and good leadership skills can benefit anyone.

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Develop your leadership skills

New Courses Available

Peter Lougheed Hall
Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies (CILS)

Want to learn what it takes to be a successful leader? Ready to meet the leadership challenges of the future head on? This embedded certificate program grows your leadership skills and develops your capacity to lead as a supplement to your undergraduate degree program.

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INT D 101: Inspired to Dream: Becoming a Leader

This brand new course highlights leadership on a local, national, and international scale and will inspire you to take action on your own leadership journey. Offered entirely online through engaging videos, animations, podcasts, interactive web content and more.

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1500 students enrolled.

Open to all students, the new course Inspired to Dream: Becoming a Leader (INTD 101) brings together students and impactful leaders from many backgrounds to teach students to visualize their potential for leadership growth.

Flexible certificate.

The Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies can be completed by students during the completion of their regular degree program and includes options that can be customized to your interests, needs, or degree requirements.

Interdisciplinary networking.

Learn what it takes to be a successful leader while developing relationships with University of Alberta students from all faculties. Students tackle complex problems in their courses in diverse, interdisciplinary groups.

Upcoming Events

An empty road stretches to the horizon

Positive Influence: The First and Last Mile of Leadership - September 8, 2023

Free public lecture featuring Tsun-Yan Hsieh, presented by Peter Lougheed Leadership College.

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presenters on stage speak in front of a crowd in a lecture theatre

Free public presentations from local and international leaders.

Public Lectures (formerly Lougheed College Lectures) offer presentations on various topics throughout the academic year.

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PLLC unlocks leadership potential in Alberta.

"So far, the PLLC has fundamentally changed the way I view the world. Being able to hear the diverse perspectives and experiences of these people has provided me with a lot of insight as to how I can continue to develop myself. I really appreciate the constant support from the peers, mentors, and staff within the PLLC. The constant and purposeful learning in and out of the classroom is unparalleled to any learning I have experienced before.

— Aaron Manalo, PLLC scholar and undergrad in the Faculties of Science and Education.

Aaron Chris Manalo