Awards + Funding




Roger Phillips Scholarship in Business

Field of Study: Business
Conditions: Awarded to a student with superior academic achievement entering any year of an undergraduate degree in the Alberta School of Business who is a Peter Lougheed Leadership College student. Selection based on academic standing and demonstrated leadership potential through involvement and participation in university or community organizations. Receipt of funding for the second year is contingent upon maintaining superior academic achievement and continuing as a PLLC student. 

Funded by: Anne & Roger Phillips Foundation


Cathy Allard-Roozen Award

Awarded to students with satisfactory academic standing enrolled in any year of an undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta who have completed Inspired to Dream (INT D 101). Selection based on academic standing and demonstrated leadership. Preference given to students who have completed Inspired to Dream (INT D 101) as an elective. 

For more information on other awards, please visit the Continuing Undergraduate Scholarship webpage. 



PLLC Student Clubs Sponsored by TELUS

PLLC Student Clubs Sponsored by TELUS is a University-wide program operated by the Peter Lougheed Leadership College (PLLC) to support undergraduate leadership initiatives across the University of Alberta.

To foster leadership development and facilitate collaboration among students from different academic backgrounds, funds from the TELUS donation to the PLLC will be transferred to student-led clubs in various faculties across the University of Alberta campuses that are engaged in leadership activity.

Broadly defined, this might include the active leadership of their own club executive and members as they engage in their club activities, or the active teaching and learning about leadership.

These student clubs, and their interaction, will provide practical opportunities for emerging leaders to enhance their skills and engage in interdisciplinary collaborative projects with their peers.

The PLLC is committed to using the TELUS funding to establish and maintain student clubs and their networks, providing our students with face-to-face experiential learning opportunities and a sense of community while creating social impact.

To qualify, student clubs must meet the following criteria:

  • Registered with their campus student association (e.g., UASU and Augustana Student Association
  • Club bank account into which funding can be deposited
  • Statement of values, vision, and mission

In August of each year funded clubs will be asked to provide a few paragraphs describing their funded activities and a picture of a funded club event that will be included in the PLLC's annual report to TELUS. Clubs may apply in September for funding of their September to August activities.  

Apply for Funding

Undergraduate student clubs interested in applying for this funding may contact to arrange a meeting between the PLLC Director and Club Executives.

Consideration for funding will be based on the student groups' leadership initiatives as well as funding capacity available at the time of application. Funding for clubs is decided on an annual basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Not all clubs will be funded.
  • Funding decisions are made by the PLLC director after meeting with club executives.
  • The grant amount will typically be $1,000 to $3,000 for the year (September-August).
  • Clubs can apply for direct funding of a particular activity.
  • The PLLC will review previously funded clubs participation in PLLC Club activities, and provision of materials for the August annual report to TELUS, when making decisions about future funding.
  • Our intent is to have funded PLLC student club executives meet at Peter Lougheed Hall (PLH) for information sharing and network building, to learn and grow as leaders, and to become more capable in their club activities, thereby increasing their impact.