Peter Lougheed dressed warmly running with the olympic torch through the Rocky Mountains

Peter Lougheed's Leadership History

"For seeking leadership... the ordinary won't cut it, you have to strive for the extraordinary."

Peter Lougheed was one of the most beloved alumni of the University of Alberta and a graduate of the Faculty of Arts ('51) and the Faculty of Law ('52). While a student, he was a remarkable campus leader: president of the Students' Union, sports editor for the Gateway, leader in his fraternity and Golden Bear football player.

As premier of Alberta, the Honourable Peter Lougheed's capacity to attract and inspire creative and productive teams and communities; to imagine a future that differed from the present; and to translate plans and vision into reality characterized by his power as a leader. His passionate defence of the province's interests and his visionary thinking set the province on the path to longterm economic, cultural and social success.

The U of A established the Peter Lougheed Scholarships in 1986. Each year, the scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students who are leaders in university life, community organizations, or cultural activities. Peter Lougheed himself was awarded an honorary doctor of laws degree in 1986 for his contributions to Alberta and Canada, and was named to the University of Alberta's Sports Wall of Fame in 1987. In 1994, he received a Distinguished Alumni Award, the university's most prestigious award to alumni.

He continued to support the U of A in later years, attending signature events that mirrored the university's own milestones, including celebratory Alumni Weekends and the centenary of The Gateway in 2010, where he was keynote speaker. Lougheed's attachment to his alma mater was no secret as his funeral procession made a special stop in front of Rutherford House, where he once lived as a student, before continuing to Calgary for his burial. He so cherished his time at the U of A, it is said he always wore his U of A ring.

In establishing the Peter Lougheed Leadership College, the University of Alberta will continue to honour Mr. Lougheed's leadership legacy by creating a community of students who embody the talents, vision, and determination that characterized his leadership.

2019 Peter Lougheed Legacy Event

On September 26, 2019, former colleagues of Peter Lougheed gathered in the City Room of the Hall that bears his name, to celebrate and share their memories of working with Alberta's first Progressive Conservative premier. The collected materials describe some of the Premier's leadership practices as well as insights into his remarkable character.