Is this certificate only for undergraduate students?

Yes. PLLC's Certificate can only be embedded within an undergraduate degree, as such, only those enrolled in an undergraduate degree program are eligible to participate. 

Why should I take the Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies (CILS)?

Our program intends to make students life ready, which includes opportunities to explore and practice interdisciplinary skills in an exciting and interactive learning space. Students will learn from industry professionals and academic experts, and gain real-world skills through co-curricular programming. Personal development and education on leadership will help students lead and progress in their field of study. Students who complete this program will receive a Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies upon graduating from their primary degree.

What is a certificate? 

The University of Alberta offers certificates across a range of disciplines, which recognize student achievement in particular areas of focus not readily apparent on a student's degree or transcript, such as leadership. See full details on Certificates in the University Calendar. PLLC's certificate is embedded, meaning it will be earned during your time as an undergrad and awarded alongside your degree.

What courses will I take?

Students enrolled in the certificate are required to take four ★3 courses for a total of 12 credits. In many cases, students are able to embed some or all of their PLLC courses in their primary degrees.

See eligible courses for a list of courses offered by faculties across campus that are pre-approved for inclusion in this certificate.  

Can I enrol in the courses individually without committing to the certificate?

Yes, PLLC courses are open to all undergraduate students. Students don't need to be in a degree program to be eligible and may be in Open Studies, for example, but they do need to be an undergraduate student. 

What awards or financial support are available?

There are many awards available for undergraduate students. Visit the Registrar Office's Awards website for further details. 

Can I join the program if I'm not a University of Alberta student?

No, you must be registered in a UAlberta undergraduate degree to participate. 

What costs are associated with the program?

Regular international or domestic tuition and fees apply to our courses. Extra-curricular opportunities are offered at no extra cost. Students should speak with an advisor in their Faculty to see if PLLC courses count towards their primary degree.

Is PLLC a residential program?

No. Eligibility for our Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies is not affected by a student's choice of residence.