“PLLC taught me that leadership is a responsibility and choice that we all have to make. By choosing to endeavour in leadership, we not only uplift ourselves but our communities.”
– Abigail Bridarolli, PLLC alumni and Adult/Pediatric Emergency Registered Nurse

Why invest in leadership?

Donor support makes programming possible, including:

Our goal, in partnership with donors, is to create the pre-eminent center for leadership skills development and knowledge sharing in Canada. To succeed in this ambitious project, the University of Alberta requires your support. Your generosity expresses your commitment to a better future.

With your investment, those with an interest in leadership, can develop the skills, insight and confidence they need to take on the challenge of leadership in all aspects of life and society.

Hear more from the talented UAlberta graduates that have completed our certificate on our Alumni page, or read about their leadership projects in the Impact: Student Projects with Purpose report below. 

"I don't think another program like this exists in undergrad and you don't appreciate it until you are working. The topics covered in PLLC directly translate into my daily job and I strongly believe the early exposure to these skills has given me a competitive advantage in the workplace."
- PLLC alumni feedback in a recent survey