International Institute for Qualitative Methodology


The International Institute for Qualitative Methodology (IIQM) is an interdisciplinary institute based at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but serving qualitative researchers around the world. IIQM was founded in 1998, with the primary goal of facilitating the development of qualitative research methods across a wide variety of academic disciplines.

Today, IIQM is re-focusing its efforts on change-oriented qualitative research, especially through intersectional and decolonial approaches. Please continue to visit our site for updates on opportunities as we re-build in 2023.


Remembering Bob Morse

Robert Michael Morse 
November 28, 1935 - August 14, 2023

As husband of Janice Morse, founder of the International Institute for Qualitative Methodology (IIQM) at the University of Alberta, Robert Morse was actively involved with the development of qualitative health research and qualitative methods more generally.

As the IIQM community, we remember him with gratitude and send our very best to Jan. To read the full obituary, written by Jan, click here.




TQ 2023 has come to a successful conclusion. Twenty scholars and 130 registrants from a dozen countries made possible an inspiring, inclusive, and insightful three-day event (June 19-21). Thank you to all for creating this co-learning space.

More than three-quarters of participants providing feedback found TQ:DI “very good” or “excellent.”

“Great conference. I learned a ton of stuff.”
“Wonderful diversity of presenters from multiple contexts.”

 We also received helpful feedback and suggestions for future TQ events. Stay tuned for announcements about Thinking Qualitatively 2024!

TQ:DI Keynote Videos

See below for video links to our three wonderful keynotes in the Doing Intersectionality in Qualitative Health Research series from TQ 2023.