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As a signature area of research and teaching excellence, Intersections of Gender recognizes the existing extensive intersectional gender expertise of the University of Alberta community.  To fulfill our priorities of further nurturing intersectional gender research, we invite faculty members (continuing as well as ATS faculty), postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students to become formally affiliated with IG.  

The primary goals of the IG Affiliate Program are to:

  • promote existing areas of intersectional gender research expertise;
  • build new networks and collaboration among researchers from across all disciplines and Faculties at the University of Alberta;
  • foster engagement in IG activities; and 
  • formalize researchers’ relationship with IG.


Affiliate Commitments

Faculty Affiliates are appointed to a renewable four‐year term. 

Post-Doctoral Fellows and Graduate Students are appointed for the time of their tenure at the UAlberta.

We ask IG Affiliates to commit to actively contributing to the signature area in any of the following ways (including but not limited to):

  • Enhance Intersections of Gender research, for example:
    • building intersectional research in your area;
    • nurturing collaborative research across disciplines;
    • providing feedback on grant applications.
  •  Further intersectionality and gender teaching and training, for example:
    • teaching a course with significant intersectional gender content; 
    • mentoring graduate students and postdoctoral fellows; 
    • organizing and contributing to curricular transformation;
    • serving on supervisory committees.
  • Participate actively in IG operations, for example:
    • sharing information about and attending our events;
    • organizing and contributing to IG activities (workshops, events, conferences etc.),
    • serving on a committee, such as a conference committee;
    • providing input and expertise to leadership.
  • Promote Intersections of Gender locally, nationally, and internationally, for example by
    • sharing your relevant research news with IG;
    • acknowledging IG affiliation in your bio;
    • sharing IG promotional materials and resources with students and colleagues;
    • helping us expand our growing network

IG Commitments

In recognition of your contributions to the IG signature area, we will: 

  • Name your Affiliate status on our website;
  • Provide you with access to IG resources.

Join Today!

To become an IG Affiliate, please complete this application form.

Final decisions regarding affiliate status are made by the Director and Associate Director of Intersections of Gender under advisement from an advisory committee. 

If you have questions about the IG Affiliate Program, please email:

We look forward to forging a meaningful relationship with Affiliates!

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