Why can’t facial recognition
technology compute racialized faces?

Why do medical treatments
tested on white, middle-class men not serve everyone?

How can new citizens
overcome barriers to their professional fields?

Can the arts and critical
disability studies together reimagine social inclusion?

Today’s complex challenges require interdisciplinary, intersectional research.

Intersections of Gender, a University of Alberta Signature Area.

As a Signature Area of Research and Teaching at the University of Alberta, Intersections of Gender (IG) promotes intersectional gender research, supports interdisciplinary research collaborations, builds capacity for inclusive mentorship and teaching, and engages communities across all sectors on gender + intersectionality

Using our experience and excellence to build and sustain for the public good...


IG Leadership Transition

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Rebecca Sockbeson, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education, as the new Associate Director for Intersections of Gender.  Dr. Sockbeson has a Masters degree in Education from Harvard University and a PhD in Educational Policy Studies at the University of Alberta.

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On Dec 7, 2020, the Diversity in Diplomacy series proudly presents former Canadian Ambassador Deborah Chatsis, who will speak to issues of diplomacy through the lens of her identity as an Indigenous woman.

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...and to bring together wide-ranging intiatives to advance knowledge and inspire engaged citizenship around the world.


Feminist Research Speaker Series: Teaching Ethically Queer, Trans, and 2S Topics

On Nov. 16, 2020, the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies and the Intersections of Gender Signature Area at the University of Alberta will host the 3rd event in the 2020 Feminist Research Speaker Series. Teaching Ethically Queer, Trans, and 2S Topics features stimulating panelists: Alexandra Marshall, Xavia A. Publius and Dr. Lana Whiskeyjack.

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IG in Conversation: Institutional Racism

The IG in Conversation series uses intersectional expertise to explore emerging issues.

In light of the global protests against anti-Black and anti-Indigenous violence, Intersections of Gender hosted a conversation with Dr. Shirley Anne Tate (incoming Canada Research Chair, Department of Sociology) and Dr. Chris Andersen (Dean, Faculty of Native Studies) about institutional racism and the role and responsibilities of post-secondary institutions, on September 25, 2020.

Watch the video, listen to the podcast, or read the transcript.

A University of Alberta Signature Area

At the University of Alberta, we value excellence in teaching, research and creative activity that enriches learning experiences, advances knowledge, inspires engaged citizenship and promotes the public good-in Alberta and around the world. Our signature areas bring together world-renowned excellence in research and teaching across disciplines to address complex issues facing society today and tomorrow.