Why can’t facial recognition
technology compute racialized faces?

Why do medical treatments
tested on white, middle-class men not serve everyone?

How can new citizens
overcome barriers to their professional fields?

Can the arts and critical
disability studies together reimagine social inclusion?

Today’s complex challenges require interdisciplinary, intersectional research.

Intersections of Gender, a University of Alberta Signature Area.

Intersections of Gender is an academic hub focused on illuminating intersectional gender research, supporting interdisciplinary research collaborations, growing inclusive mentorship and teaching, and engaging communities across all sectors on gender + intersectionality.

Using our experience and excellence to build and sustain for the public good...


COVID-19, Racism, and Masculinity

The IG in Conversation Series uses intersectional expertise to explore emerging issues.

On May 29, 2020, IG had a discussion with Dr. Catherine Clune-Taylor (San Diego State University) as she considered the COVID-19 pandemic under the sign of racism and gender, with a focus on masculinity.


Intersectionality, COVID-19, and Healthcare Workers

The IG in Conversation series uses intersectional expertise to explore emerging issues.

On June 24, 2020, Dr. Bukola Salami (University of Alberta) brought an intersectional lens to her discussion about frontline healthcare workers under the conditions of the current pandemic as well as other implications for policy.

...and to bring together wide-ranging intiatives to advance knowledge and inspire engaged citizenship around the world.


IG in Conversation:  COVID-19 and Gender-based Violence (coming in July) 

Stay tuned for more information on our next webinar.


Intersections of Gender Stands in Solidarity with the Ongoing Protests Against Anti-Black and Anti-Indigenous Violence and Commits to Action

We write from our places of privilege and leadership within a white, colonial institution. It took countless Indigenous and Black lives and so many spectacles of casual racial violence for the world to reach this moment of collective protest and tenuous hope that change might come. While the focus of our statement and current protests is centred on anti-Black violence, its relationship to anti-Indigenous violence must not be ignored.

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