Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services

About Us

About Us

The Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services (iSMSS) is a non-profit organization and research institute housed in the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta. iSMSS provides educational programs and services to support the 2SLGBTQ+ community and its allies. Through our partnerships with various local Edmonton organizations such as the Pride Centre, LGBTQ+ Wellness Centre, and Altview we provide direct services from mental health support to 2SLGBTQ+ education to the community.

Mission Statement
Our programs focus on community outreach and educational advancement specifically for the 2SLGBTO+ community through our educational programs, research, advocacy and scholarship opportunities. The Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (iSMSS) works to create a society where all queer and trans people are free of discrimination.

Through our education programs, research, policy development, advocacy, and community services, we strive to:

  1. Empower the 2SLGBTQ+ community to thrive.
  2. Build leaders, particularly among youth.
  3. Build public awareness and allyship.
  4. Advance sexual and gender diversity studies to the forefront.
  5. Create hope

We are unique in that we utilize research to inform our services, and our services drive the direction of our research.

Philosophy Statement 

We believe:

  1. All queer and trans people deserve to be free of discrimination.
  2. Through nurturance and resiliency practices, all 2SLGBTQ+ people have potential to thrive.
  3. In the continued pursuit of knowledge as a tool to empower and build capacity.
  4. In grounding our practices in evidence-based research.
  5. We cannot achieve our goals alone but through collaboration 

Annual Reports

These annual reports aim to provide our stakeholders an overview of our yearly activities and any new initiatives and major activities we have added within the specified year.

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