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This resource (currently under construction) highlights recent academic books (published in the last twenty-five years) and celebrates new achievements in our field. To add your monograph or edited collection, please fill out the form. 

Cette bibliothèque (en cours de construction) présente les ouvrages universitaires récents (publiés au cours des vingt-cinq dernières années) et célèbre les nouvelles réalisations dans notre domaine. Pour ajouter votre monographie ou votre collection éditée, veuillez remplir le formulaire.

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CLC Staff Picks


Cover Image of All the Feels
All the Feels / Tous les sens: Affect and Writing in Canada / Affect et écriture au Canada

edited by Marie Carrière, Ursula Mathis-Moser, and Kit Dobson

Cover Image of Wayde Compton's Kreisel Lecture Publication
Toward an Anti-Racist Poetics

by Wayde Compton

Cover Image of Mapping with Words
Mapping with Words: Anglo-Canadian Literary Cartographies

by Sarah Wylie Krotz

Cover Image of Contested Spaces, Counter-narratives, and Culture from Below in Canada and Quebec
Contested Spaces, Counter-narratives, and Culture from Below in Canada and Québec

edited by Roxanne Rimstead and Domenico A. Beneventi

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CLC Kreisel Series / Série Kreisel

This series captures in print more than a decade of Kreisel Lectures.

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CLC Series / Cahiers du CLC

Explore these titles that bring together cutting-edge research on literatures in Canada.

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