March 16, 2024, Edmonton Elks Case Competition

Thank you to all the participants and judges who helped make this event successful!


During this event, organized by the Sports Networking Association in collaboration with the Edmonton Elks, teams of two to four students acted as consultants to the Edmonton Elks Football Club and presented solutions to representatives of the Edmonton Elks and the University of Alberta. Teams focused their presentation on marketing, finance, or event management.

Winter 2024, MARK 502 Commonwealth Stadium Tour


The host during the tour was Evan Daum, the VP of Marketing and Fan Engagement with the Edmonton Elks. It was an interesting and fun event for everyone!

Speaker Series

These are held in person in the Business Building, and everyone is welcome to attend these presentations.

Contact the department if you wish to receive notification of upcoming seminars:

Business Economics Speaker Series

Fall 2023

Marketing Speaker Series

Fall 2023

Spring / Summer 2021
  • Ellie Kyung, Dartmouth, "Mental Mapping of Magnitude," April 23
  • Ravi Dhar, Yale, "Why the Future Matters for the Present: Expecting a Future Positive Experience Reduces Adaptation to a Negative Experience," April 9
Fall 2020 / Winter 2021

Fall 2020

  • Gerald Haubl, Alberta School of Business, "Exploration Traps: How the Opportunity to Switch Among Experiences Affects Consumption Enjoyment," November 13
  • Zak Tormala, Stanford, "Perceiving Attitude Change: The Qualitative Change Hypothesis," November 6
  • Jeff Galak, Carnegie Mellon (Tepper School of Business), "Identifying the Temporal Profiles of Hedonic Decline," October 16

Winter 2021

  • Simona Botti, London Business School, "Control and Information: What is the Value of Knowing an Undesirable, Unavoidable Future?" January 15
  • Minah Jung, NYU,  "Predicting Consumers' Valuation and Willingness-to-Pay," April 9
Fall 2019
  • Xin (Shane) Wang, Ivey-University of Western Ontario "Image Portfolio and Demand in the Sharing Economy," November 1 
  • Shelly Rathee, University of Utah, "Presence and Consequence of Marketplace Sexism in Customer Reviews," October 15
  • Dongjin He, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, "Hiding in the Crowd: Secrecy Compels Consumer Conformity," October 4
  • Zoe Lu, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "That Money Feels Like Mine: How a Consumer-Funded Frame Increases Incentive Effectiveness," September 27
  • Mansur Khamitov, Nanyang Technological University, "Names are the Mirrors of the Soul: The Role of Anthropomorphized Possessive Brand Names in Brand Preferences," September 20
  • Chuck Howard, UBC "A Prototype Theory of Consumer Expense Misprediction," September 13
Fall 2018 / Winter 2019

Winter 2019

  • Oleg Urminsky, University of Chicago, February 8
  • Charis Li, University of Florida, "How Object History Value Shapes Owner Decisions in the Sharing Economy," January 9

Fall 2018

  • Shirley Zhang, University of Chicago, "A Dragging-Down Effect: Consumer Decisions in Response to Unit-Price Increases," December 18
  • Nikki Sullivan, Duke University, "Indulgent foods can paradoxically promote disciplined dietary choices," December 17 
  • Evan Weingarten, University of California, San Diego, "Do We Look Ahead or Behind Us in the Rankings," December 14
  • Noah Castelo, Columbia University, "Consumer Adoption of Algorithms that Blur the Line Between Human and Machine," December 13
  • Sarah Moore, University of Alberta, Department of Marketing, Business Economics and Law, "Emotional Echo Chambers: Observed Emoji Clarify and Intensify Individuals' Emotions and Responses to Social Media Posts"
    AND "Play it Again, Sam! Measuring and Understanding Volitional Reconsumption," November 23
  • Suzanne Bliven Shu U of California, Anderson School of Management, "Risk, Ownership, and Loss In Decumulation During Retirement," October 26
  • Katherine (Katie) Lafreniere, PhD Candidate, University of Alberta, School of Business, "The Power of Potty Mouth: The Meaning and Impact of Swearwords in Word-of-Mouth," September 20