The mission of MARD is to enhance the safety and mobility of individuals who no longer drive due to illness or disability or who choose not to drive because of age-related changes.

The vision of MARD is transportation safety and mobility for all Albertans.

To continue to conduct leading edge research that will enhance the safety and mobility of individuals who no longer drive due to illness, disability, or age-related changes and to disseminate the findings from our research to our government and community-based partners.

To collaboratively create and translate new and innovative knowledge.

To implement and evaluate innovative solutions that support the transportation safety and mobility of our target audiences.

To develop and disseminate educational materials that inform and promote community engagement on issues related to transportation safety and mobility.

To develop knowledge, solutions, practices, and services that recognize and address the differences in transportation mobility between rural and urban communities.

MARD Projects

Responding to COVID-19 Funding Calls

To assist ATS service providers through the COVID-19 pandemic, the MARD Centre released two funding calls: one in late November 2020, and one in January 2021. The goal of these funding calls is to assist ATS service providers in rural and remote areas of the province with ongoing operations, in managing the increased demand for their services during the easing of restrictions, and in strengthening collaboration with other organizations in the delivery of ATS services.

The MARD Centre is pleased to announce the following successful recipients of the two funding calls:

January 2021 Funding Call:

  • Athabasca/Boyle Community Transportation
  • Cardston Community Handibus Association
  • Castor/Halkirk Community Handivan
  • Claresholm & District Transportation Society
  • Fort MacLeod Handibus Society
  • Hanna FCSS/Community Services Handi-van
  • Hinton Neighbourlink Society
  • Town of Innisfail
  • Town of Mayerthorpe
  • Ponoka Covered Wagon Handicapped Transportation Society
  • Provost Lions Handi-Van Societ
  • Stettler and District Handibus Society
  • West Country Family Service Association
  • Town of Westlock & Westlock and District FCSS

November 2020 Funding Call:

  • Coronation and District Handibus Society
  • Flagstaff's Informed Response Sharing Team Society
  • Fox Creek Community Resource Centre
  • High River Handi Bus Society
  • Municipal District of Spirit River No. 133
  • Pincher Creek Handi Bus Society
  • Raymond and District Handibus Society
  • Smoky River Transportation
  • Wainwright and District Handivan Society

MARD Resources

Responding to COVID-19 Transportation Challenges

In April 2020, MARD held a series of videoconferences with ATS service providers and FCSS organizations to understand how they were responding to the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked questions about responding to demand, managing health and safety, and strengthening coordination. The findings from these videoconferences are presented in the following final report. 

Provincial Transportation Needs Assessment

In 2016-2017, MARD conducted a Provincial Transportation Needs Assessment of seniors and persons with disabilities (PWD). In each of the reports below, there is valuable information on the unmet transportation needs of seniors and PWD and what these individuals think alternate transportation services should look like.

Transportation Toolkit

MARD, in collaboration with a number of stakeholders including the Ministry of Seniors and Housing, has developed a Toolkit to assist municipalities and community organizations in building and sustaining an Alternate Transportation for Seniors (ATS) service in their region or community.