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The SIMARD MD (an acronym for Screen for the Identification of Cognitively Impaired Medically At-Risk Drivers, A Modification of the DemTect) is a valid and reliable screening tool for the identification of cognitively impaired medically at-risk drivers. It is called a modification of the DemTect because it uses a subset of the items from that screening tool. The SIMARD MD was developed and validated against actual driving performance using a driving evaluation scientifically developed to identify cognitively impaired drivers who are unsafe-to-drive.

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Toolkit for the Early Identification of Mental Health Disorders in Seniors

The Toolkit for the Early Identification of Mental Health Disorders in Seniors was developed by Dr. Bonnie Dobbs from the University of Alberta and Dr. Diane McNeil from Alberta Health Services. During the development of the toolkit, it was recognized that having a web-based version of the toolkit that could be accessed only by healthcare professionals was important. The Toolkit website was designed to assist you in gaining background information on four of the top mental health disorders in seniors, and an understanding of how to use the identified screening tools for each disorder. The website is organized in 5 sections. The first section provides background information on the purpose for and development of the Toolkit. The remaining four sections are organized by disorder. Each of these four sections begins with an overview of the identified disorder. Following the overview, there are downloadable versions of each of the screening tools for the disorder, instructions for administration, scoring, and interpretation of scores for each of the screening tools, and an information sheet about each disorder that can be given to patients and caregivers.

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Medical Fitness to Drive

Resources for Your Patients

Guides to Mobility and Independence

Mobility is important to an individual's health and independence. However, sometimes health conditions and other circumstances limit mobility. When that happens it is necessary to find alternative ways of accessing services that are important to an individual's health and well-being. To assist in this effort, we have put together a listing of organizations and businesses that provide essential services and transportation in Edmonton and area as well as Calgary and area. All of the organizations and businesses listed in this guide were contacted or identified through web-based searches. As well, a majority of the organizations listed have a focus on seniors, offer in-home services, and/or offer seniors a discount toward the services they offer.

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Online Listings of Alternate Transportation Providers

The Online Listings are searchable databases of alternate transportation providers (both for-profit and not-for-profit) in Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba. Service providers can be searched by zone/region, by community, and/or by organization name.