Community of Research


The Community of Research (CoRe) is a program designed to supplement the education of trainees at the University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (FoMD). CoRe focuses on developing tangible research competencies important for the effective practice of evidence-based medicine and for nurturing aspiring physician-scientists. CoRe is a collaborative program led by a faculty-appointed clinician-scientist and student representatives.

Scope and Mission

CoRe will primarily serve the trainees of the Undergraduate Medical Education program (i.e., Doctor of Medicine [MD]). Additionally, CoRe will function as a hub for research trainees outside of the MD Program including Master’s and PhD-level graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, as well as post-graduate medical education trainees (i.e., residents).

Our mission is to support medical trainees in their pathways to becoming clinician-scientists and their practice of evidence-based medicine. To achieve this objective, CoRe will organize events, learning opportunities, and initiatives to supplement the research training within the medical program and to bridge the gap between medicine and research.

Additional Information

This learning community provides an opportunity for students to explore research and medicine with varying levels of commitment. Students can attend sessions to learn about research. Or they can take on a summer project, commit to the STIR program, or join the MD/PhD program. Students who have completed Master’s and PhD programs who would like to connect with other researchers, network, learn and share are encouraged to participate.

The MD Program has a research event one evening in the fall where students present their research in poster format. Some of the teams behind the research will also be in attendance, allowing you to find out more about research opportunities in the faculty and talk to fellow medical students who have been part of the research projects.

The program is also very supportive of students who are presenting their research at conferences. You can apply for up to $500 to support your travel to conferences. The application process for these awards is outlined on MedSIS.