MD Program Systems


MedSIS is the central data repository system that has been in place since 2012. Undergraduate medical students can use MedSIS to:

  • access their schedules in the form of a calendar that syncs to their personal calendar
  • view their marks and student records
  • complete evaluations
  • view course resources and materials, and store presentation notes, slides and lecture recordings attached to each time slot
  • search for content across blocks and years
  • analog patient encounters

In addition, preceptors and instructors can use MedSIS to view their course schedule, review and complete student evaluations, and view their teaching effectiveness score.

To access MedSIS, visit 

Developed Systems

A network of developed systems facilitate the teaching and learning of our medical school. They each serve a unique purpose in student learning, preceptor feedback, and clinical experience. You can use your U of A CCID to access the following:

  • is an examination platform that has robust student feedback systems and reports on longitudinal performance of students.
  • is a comprehensive learning, data-capturing system that facilitates our Team-Based Learning, Discovery Learning, clinical assessments, OSCEs, and other tasks critically needed for the MD program.
  • is a dynamic student portfolio that links student performance data and facilitates review for mentoring. 
  • is a data dashboard providing oversight on timely submission of feedback, audit of clinical encounters, and other information relevant to the program.