Core Research Facilities

The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry has centralized research facilities to provide access to major pieces of equipment and technical expertise. These facilities allow our researchers access to essential scientific infrastructure at a reasonable cost that would otherwise be cost prohibitive. These facilities include:

The faculty also supports cores that provide repair, maintenance and fabrication services:


  • Repair of lab equipment, fumehoods and biosafety cabinets; calibration of pipetteman
  • Projects made to sketch: metal & acrylic fabrication, woodworking, welding and machining

Autoclave Repair Core

  • Repair and maintenance of autoclaves and glasswash-ups

Some Institutes and Departments also run core facilities, for example:

Starting point for searching FoMD’s facilities and centres is in this inventory report in which people self identified their own services and capabilities: inventory and preclinical inventory.

For additional information please contact:

Dr. Wendy Magee
Director, Core Research Facilities
Tel: 780-492-0715