Core Services and Equipment Resources

Core Research Facilities 

The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry has centralized research facilities to provide access to major pieces of equipment and technical expertise. These facilities allow our researchers access to essential scientific infrastructure at a reasonable cost that would otherwise be cost prohibitive. These facilities include:

The faculty also supports cores that provide repair, maintenance and fabrication services:


  • Repair of lab equipment, fumehoods and biosafety cabinets; calibration of pipetteman
  • Projects made to sketch: metal & acrylic fabrication, woodworking, welding and machining

Autoclave Repair Core

  • Repair and maintenance of autoclaves and glasswash-ups

Some Institutes and Departments also run core facilities, for example:

Starting point for searching FoMD’s facilities and centres is in this inventory report in which people self identified their own services and capabilities: inventory and preclinical inventory.

Feedback Requested: 2018 FoMD Infrastructure & Equipment Survey

The Office of Research has developed a survey to gain a better understanding of the utilization of core facilities internal and external to the University of Alberta and assess the current needs of our research community.  Everyone is invited to participate and responses are anonymous. Note you must be logged in to your university account to access the survey. Your participation is greatly appreciated. The survey will be open until March 8, 2018.

Equipment Database 

The Office of Research has created a research resource database housed within the Faculty Administration Resource Manager (FARM). This database provides a simple way to search for specialized scientific and laboratory equipment found in core facilities or individual research labs. Please note that the use of equipment in labs is at the discretion and approval of the faculty member.

Access the database:

  1. Login to FARM (Note: if you are a member of the FoMD and do not have access, email and indicate you would like access to the resource search)
  2. Click on the Research tab
  3. Select Resource Search
  4. You can search by generic or trade equipment name, company name, and filter by a specific core/facility.

To submit equipment to the database or provide feedback, please contact Colleen Sunderland (780) 248-1023.

For additional information please contact:

Dr. Wendy Magee
Director, Core Research Facilities
Tel: 780-492-0715