Saarland University Hospital and Medical School

With 30 departments and 20 institutes, the Saarland University Hospital and Medical School (SUHMS) holds a top position as a health centre in south-west Germany. Over 5,300 employees care for the patients. 2,000 students are trained in medicine and dental medicine, biology, and biocomputer sciences at the Faculty of Medicine that is situated here. Furthermore, 1,000 university attendants work at the Homburg campus.

There are about 700 training jobs available for non-medical health professions. Additionally, the SUHMS is one of the main providers of work in the region. Homburg covers all main medical specializations.

Through a large number of research co-operations, patients can benefit from the latest development in medicine, especially in cases of most complex clinical symptoms. For ten years, a Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) for the transfer of signals in cells is housed at the SUH and currently, participation of the latest trans-regional SFB is ongoing for fibrosis, the clinical increase of connective tissue in the liver and kidneys. Furthermore, two clinical Research groups deal with Hepatitis C as well as remodelling processes in the cardiac muscle, which can lead to chronic heart failure. Excellent junior researchers are trained at three graduate colleges.