Faculty & Staff

Across faculties at the University of Alberta, people are united with a great and common passion: mountains. Get to know some of the people driving our mountain research and initiatives through their research interests and areas of expertise.

Agriculture, Life, and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Naomi Krogman, Professor, Rural Economy

  • Social impacts of natural resource extraction and environmental policy on mountain communities


Dr. Heather Young Leslie, Adjunct Professor, Anthropology

  • Ecography
  • Medical anthropology in mountain environments
  • Gender and health

Dr. Mark Nuttall, Professor and Tory Chair, Anthropology

  • Circumpolar North
  • Environmental change

Dr. Andie Palmer, Associate Professor, Anthropology

  • Ethnography
  • Oral history
  • First Nations

Biological Sciences

Dr. David Hik, Adjunct Professor, Biological Sciences

  • Plant-herbivore-climate interactions in alpine and tundra ecosystems

Dr. Jessamyn Manson, Adjunct Professor, Biological Sciences

  • Evolutionary ecology of plant-pollination interactions

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Leonidas Perez Estrada, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environment Engineering

  • Study of hydroxyl radicals in water and ice
  • Photocatalytic activity in glacial clay minerals
  • High pressure oxidation processes
  • Photochemical degradation of organic compounds in the environment
  • Analysis and characterization of emerging pollutants

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Dr. Andy Bush, Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

  • Glaciers and climate change
  • Himalayan hydrology
  • Siachen glacier region

Dr. Jeff Kavanaugh, Associate Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

  • Glacier movement
  • Glacier response to climate change

Dr. Martin Sharp, Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

  • Glacier-climate interactions and ice dynamics
  • Glacier change in Arctic Canada
  • Glacier Biology and Biogeochemistry
  • Behaviour of contaminants in glacial systems
  • Geological record of saline ice shelves

English and Film Studies

Dr. Ted Bishop, Professor, English and Film Studies

  • Professional travel writing
  • Non-fiction writing

Dr. Dianne Chisholm, Professor Emerita, English and Film Studies

  • Mountain and mountaineering literature and culture

Dr. Sarah Krotz, Assistant Professor, English and Film Studies

  • Literary cartography
  • Place
  • Space
  • Natural history

Dr. Julie Rak, Professor, English and Film Studies

  • Mountaineering literature
  • Mountaineering cultures in relation to gender
  • Autobiography
  • Cultural studies

Dr. Stephen Slemon, Professor Emeritus, English and Film Studies

  • Mountaineering literature and culture

Dr. Thomas Wharton, Associate Professor, English and Film Studies

  • Canadian mountain history
  • Art and literature
  • Mountain stories & legends
  • Glaciers and climate change

History and Classics

Dr. Joseph Patrouch, Professor, History and Classics; Director, Wirth Institute of Austrian and Central European Studies

  • Early modern central Europe

Dr. Liza Piper, Associate Professor, History & Classics

  • Environmental history
  • Northern and Western Canada

Dr. Colleen Skidmore, Professor, History & Classics

  • Women in the Rocky Mountains
  • Mountains and photography

Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

Dr. Karen Fox, Professor, Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

  • Mountain leisure and gender

Dr. Elizabeth Halpenny, Associate Professor, Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

  • Park and protected areas management
  • Nature-based tourism

Dr. Howie Harshaw, Associate Professor, Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

  • Outdoor recreation planning and management outside of parks and protected areas
  • Structural social psychological characteristics of outdoor recreation participation

Dr. Michael Kennedy, Associate Professor, Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

  • Human performance and competition in extreme environments

Lloyd King, Supervisor, Climbing Wall, Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

  • ACMG Climbing Gym Examiner

Dr. PearlAnn Reichwein, Associate Professor, Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

  • Canadian mountain history
  • Cultural studies of people, parks, and politics
  • Conservation, travel, recreation, and sport
  • Mountaineering
  • Gender
  • Canadian heritage

Dr. Zac Robinson, Associate Professor, Physical Education and Recreation; VP Activities, The Alpine Club of Canada

  • Alpine history and culture

Dr. Craig Steinback, Associate Professor, Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

  • Physiological and pathophysiological responses to altitude and low oxygen environments

Political Science

Dr. Ian Urquhart, Associate Professor, Political Science; Editor, Wild Lands Advocate, Alberta Wilderness Association

  • Canadian and comparative natural resources, environmental policies


Dr. Kathryn Todd, Professor, Psychiatry; Director, Centre for Neuroscience

  • Neuroscience, high altitude, and hypoxia/ischemia