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Joseph F. Patrouch, PhD, MA, BA

Professor and Director


History and Classics

About Me

I am a historian of Early Modern Europe, with a particular interest in the Holy Roman Empire and the lands ruled by members of the Habsburg Dynasty, both inside the Empire and elsewhere around Europe and the world. My primary chronological period of research concentration is between approximately 1550 and 1650.

Additional research interests include the roles of Habsburg women and their courts in early modern Europe, as well as early modern empire and urban studies. I have experience directing a program in Public History and am also interested in museum studies.

My current research project centers on the imagined and experienced landscapes of the Holy Roman Empire in the 1560's and 1570's.

Potential graduate students wishing to work with me in one of the above or related fields are encouraged to contact me well in advance of the admission application deadline.


Recent book reviews:

Bettina Braun, Katrin Keller, and Matthias Schnettger, editors, Nur die Frau des Kaisers? Kaiserinnen in der Frühen Neuzeit. Austrian History Yearbook 49 (2018) 291-92.

James D. Tracy, Balkan Wars: Habsburg Croatia, Ottoman Bosnia, and Venetian Dalmatia, 1499-1617. Journal of World History 29:1 (2018) 115-18.

Conference presentation and exhibition tour:

"Revisiting Cave and Basin. Enemy Aliens, Prisoners of War: Canada's First World War Internment Operations and Austro-Hungarians," Thinking Mountains Interdisciplinary Summit, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Banff, Alberta. (Delivered October 4, 2018.)

Public Lectures:

"Experiencing the Holy Roman Empire in 1570: Contexts of the Imperial Court's Journey," Institute for History, University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland, and Institute for History, University of South Bohemia, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic. (Delivered 13 and 15 May, 2019.)

"The Great War and the End of Austria-Hungary: Reflections a Century Removed" for the Association of Professors Emeriti at the University of Alberta's Faculty Club. (Delivered January 23, 2019.)

"Jewish Vienna: An Overview of Eight Centuries," Beth Shalom Synagogue, Edmonton. (Delivered December 2, 2018.)

"Forgotten Fronts: Sources and Contexts of an Exhibition," University of Alberta. (Delivered November 2, 2018.)