About the Faculty of Arts

From the University's bold beginnings as a small, prairie university to its ascendance as one of Canada's top five universities, the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta has been a foundational part in an inspiring story stretching over 100 years. As a result of a century of adapting and growing with change, the Faculty of Arts has become a diverse, inclusive faculty - a place for any individual to thrive or idea to be explored within the fine arts, humanities and social sciences disciplines.

For the last decade, we have been building on that momentum. Still adhering to an uncompromising tradition of academic excellence, but not necessarily the weight of traditions themselves, the Faculty of Arts is actively creating new opportunities to deliver on our incredible potential to drive change. We ask students to see their world as a textbook and embrace practical ways of learning; we push them to engage in research and in the creation of new knowledge; our globally-recognized faculty actively inspire our students to challenge conventions; we give them opportunities to think about their programs differently and chart their own exciting, bold path. We take every opportunity we can to foster the individual transformations necessary to transform our world as a whole.