International Student Resources

Meet the Arts International Team

Sherilyn Trompetter
Senior Officer, International

Sherilyn joined the Faculty of Arts in 2015, and has been in international education since 2001. A proud alumna of the University of Alberta and the Faculty of Arts, she has created a career on facilitating transformative experiences for students. She has studied and worked abroad in Mexico, France and India.

Andrei Tabirca
International Partnerships and Recruitment Specialist

Andrei joined the Faculty of Arts in 2013, after completing his graduate degree with the University of Alberta. Before coming to Canada, Andrei worked and lived in several countries (China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Spain, Greece, UK, Romania); as a former international student, Andrei's goal is to help all students reach their academic goals while also enjoying their time at the UofA and in Edmonton.

Wioletta Polanski
International Student Advisor

Wioletta joined the Faculty of Arts in 2018, after having worked at the Registrar's Office for several years. Born and raised in Poland, she holds graduate degrees in Translation Studies, and in Art & Design, both from the University of Alberta. Wioletta is passionate about international learning, inter-cultural communication and travel, and aims at encouraging students to explore various study abroad opportunities while completing their UofA degrees.

Brie Longworth
International Student Engagement Intern

Brie is a third-year student with a Major in Political Science, pursuing Certificates in International Learning and Globalization and Governance. She is from Edmonton, but has spent time living in Denmark and Nepal. Contact or book a coaching session with her to discuss questions about finding jobs, volunteer positions, or involvement opportunities. She can also provide information on Career Centre services, academic and health resources on campus, and opportunities to develop English language skills.