Giving Opportunities

Arts students need practical experience so they graduate ready to take the next step in their career. A transformative Arts degree will give students opportunities to explore career possibilities and increase their exposure to the world during their undergraduate program. Along the way, they’ll refine their skills and earn experience that serves them well on the job market.

Enhance the student experience

By supporting students, more students will have the chance to:

  • Learn how to write an attractive resume, how to give a great interview and gain valuable career experience by taking on a coop work placement with Arts Work Experience (AWE).
  • Gain experience working in the not-for-profit sector and learn how to apply coursework to community-based experiences through Community Service-Learning (CSL).
  • Encounter new cultures and take classes in a different country through partner universities with the Study Abroad program. 
  • Turn ideas into business opportunities through entrepreneurial programs such as EHub.
  • Spend a summer researching alongside a professor mentor thanks to Undergraduate Research Awards.

When students participate in these experiential learning programs, they better understand their professional skills, have a better grasp of other communities and cultures, and are able to imagine their place in the working world. 

Enrich research and creative activities

Philanthropy can enhance research and community engagement at the University of Alberta by establishing an academic position focused on a particular area of research, or supporting a lecture series that provides access to thought leaders and engages in public discourse.​


Revitalize Convocation Hall

Located in the historic Arts Building, Convocation Hall is a beautiful venue. However, renovations are needed to create a learning, teaching and performance space that matches the university's outstanding music program and the high aspirations of UofA students. Take a moment to watch Bill Street the chair of the department of music, walk you through Convocation Hall as it is now and create the vision for the future.



Community Service-Learning



Partnerships with local organizations provide opportunities for CSL students to learn about their community. As a requirement of a course, students do 20 hours of work on a project with a local group, gaining practical experience as they learn.



 Arts Beyond the Classroom

Arts is offering students new opportunities to learn beyond the classroom, helping them transition from graduation into the workplace.