Undergraduate Student Research

Winners of the 2020 Roger S. Smith Research Award


Name Supervisor
Title of Research Project
Aidan Oswald
(Interdisciplinary/Religious Studies)
Sharon Romeo "A new feature in the traffic of huan beings": Indentured servitude in nineteenth century Utah
Daniel Dacanay
Antti Arppe itwêmakan: A Semantic Basis for Verb Paradigms in Plains Cree/nēhiyawēwin
Karel Brandenbarg
(Political Science)
Greg Anderson The foundation of economic policy preference: An interdisciplinary exploaration of the impact economic literacy has on voters' preferences for radical economic policy
Lydia Samis
Johanne Paradis Vocabulary Acquisition Profiles in English Second Language: Comparing Neurotypical Children and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Mitchell Pawluk
(Political Science)
Jared Wesley Beyond Martha and Henry: Examining Changes in Mormativitiy and Marginalization in Alberta's Political Culture
Nicole Pernal
(Art & Design)
Aidan Rowe
Gillian Harvey
Interactive Games for Health Communication: Educating Future Users of Naloxone Kits
Rebecca Hicks
(English and Film Studies)
Shannon Stunden-Bower An Aerial Alberta: the Socio-Economic Impacts of the Bush Plane Era
Shelby Drozdowski
(History and Classics)
John Kitchen Far From Home: Victorian Funerary Rites on Polar Expeditions during the Age of Sail
Shelby Haber
(English and Film Studies)
Louise Harrington Theatre and Drama in Ulysees
Suwaibah Gangat
(English and Film Studies)
Louise Harrington Reconciling Islam with Queerness: The Representation of Queer Muslims in Cultural Production
Taryn Yaceyko
Ann McDougall Repetition and reduplication across dialects of English Infant Directed Speech
Teagan Cameron
(History and Classics)
Ann McDougall More than a Slave? More than a Soldier? Examing the evolution of slave armies in the early modern Islamic world: Morocco and the Ottoman Empire in the 17th - 19th Centuries
Trista Peterson
(Political Science)
Jared Wesley Red Toryism in Alberta Conservatie Politics
William Latham
(Philosophy/English and Film Studies)
Elena Del Rio Origami Affection: Cinematic Pleasure and Non-Individuated Desire in the Films of Claire Denis