Undergraduate Student Research

Winners of the 2019 Roger S. Smith Research Award

Name Supervisor
Title of Research Project

Alexander Cheung

Joseph Marchand Loss of Life and Labour: The Canadian Opioid Crisis
Emily Clink
(History and Classics)
John Kitchen Lonergan and Foucault: Approaches to Understanding History
Isabelle MacDonald
(History and Classics)
Margriet Haagsma Placed and Displaced: An Examination of Greek Goods in England and Greece, and their presentation within a museum context
Jasmine Hafso
(History and Classics)
Jaymie Heilman In Search of the Devil: Peyote in Colonial Mexico
Matthew Ackman
Valentina Galvani Assessing the Potential Liquidity and Volatility Effects of a Financial Transaction Tax in the Canadian Equity Market
McKae Pawlenchuk
Benjamin V. Tucker Flaps in reduced English processed by non-native speakers
Ramanjot Kalher
Kim Noels Cultural Framing, Bicultural Identity and Gender Perception in Second Generation Canadians
Samuel Goertz
(Political Science)
Judith Garber Paying for our Future: Closing the Gap Between Municipal Responsibilities and Fiscal Capacity in Alberta
Selina Ertman
Jean DeBernardi An Ethnographic Study of Edmonton Food Trucks
Tom Brown
(Political Science)
John Church An Assessment of Emerging Trends Related to the Restriction of Contentious Sociopolitical Dialogue on Canadian University Campuses