Undergraduate Student Research

Winners of the 2022 Roger S. Smith Research Award


Name Supervisor
Title of Research Project
Katie O'Connor
(Art & Design)
Corrinne Harol Embodying the Monstrous Feminine: Analyzing Transformation in Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber and Cindy Sherman’s Fairy Tales
Lara Ozdogan
(Linguistics / English & Film Studies)
Benjamin V. Tucker An Acoustic Analysis of How Voices Change Throughout the Lifespan of a Person Using Recorded Speech of Radio Show Hosts
Leah Wojcik
Takahiko Masuda Coping with Threats to Body Image: A Cross-Cultural Study on Stress Coping Strategies between Japanese and Canadians
Logan Mahoney
(Modern Languages & Cultural Studies)
Odile Cisneros / Ann De Leon Mapping Spaces of Translation and Interpretation in the City of Edmonton
Olivia O'Neill
(English & Film Studies)
Danielle Fuller Bon Appétit! Understanding the Social Media Presence of the New Celebrity Chef
Patrick Erickson
(History, Classics and Religion)
Natalie Van Deusen Sami and The Impact of Modern War
Rian Hoyle
(Political Science)
Jared Wesley The Role of Hockey in Canadian Identity and Furthering Inequality
Samuel Quist
(Modern Languages & Cultural Studies)
Ann De Leon “Let your hearts be taken with many colours”: Visualizing the Aztec Empire in Videogame Spaces
Wade Sigurdson
Marie-Eve Morin Phenomenology of Boxing: A Study of the Other