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The Faculty of Arts is one of the most diverse in Canada. More than 350 full-time professors represent 15 departments and numerous innovative interdisciplinary programs. Choose from close to 40 majors including criminology, history music, and political science. The Faculty of Arts also has three of the most respected and influential fine arts departments in the country-Art Design, Drama, and Music. Arts students also have access to our campuses in Cortona Italy, as well as the opportunity to study and conduct field research internationally in countries like Russia, Norway, Japan, and Australia to name a few.

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Indigenous Student Spotlight

Arts Aboriginal Student Council

The Arts Aboriginal Student Council (AASC) has been involved in many projects that focus on contemporary issues that infuse events that celebrate academia and Indigeneity. The AASC is open to all Arts students and is taking new memberships, your vision matters! Contact Jackie Bellerose for more details.

Arts Aboriginal Awards: Zita and Jack Rosen Award

We have a bursary award for two Aboriginal students each year that equals $1000.00 each.

First Nations, Métis and Inuit Awards

First Peoples' House

The First Peoples' House has programs and support for you!

Career Development

The Faculty of Arts also has a career development center just for Arts students, which include the Work Experience Program which gives students an opportunity to further develop and integrate skills gained in the classroom, with paid work experience position or with paid employment. Check them out on the Careers page.

Community Service-Learning

The Faculty of Arts has developed a Community Service Learning program, where you gain hands-on experience for course credit! We link academic coursework to community-based experiences. Students bring their time and talents to community organizations as part of their studies, challenging them to engage with their learning in fresh new ways and to explore relationships between theory and practice.

When enrolled in a CSL class, students participate in a community project that is both relevant to the course content and useful to the partnering non-profit organization.

Community Services-Learning

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