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Research shows that an Arts degree leads to meaningful, rewarding careers, but it takes graduates longer to establish themselves than it does their peers. The Faculty of Arts has a plan to make BA graduates career ready the moment they finish by embedding practical work experience into every Arts degree. 

Imagine the job prospects of an Arts graduate who not only has the communication, critical thinking and research skills inherent in a BA, but also has a year’s worth of volunteer experience with a non-profit organization, or work experience with a local business, or has launched and run their own small business.

With donor support, we can build these experiences into the Arts degree, transforming the student experience and giving Arts students a headstart on their career.


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The Faculty of Arts plays a significant role in many—student, alumni, donor—stories at the University of Alberta. Whether you took one course, watched a performance, or you're one of over 57,000 alumni from around the world, you are a valued member of our Arts community.


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Hello Alumni!

Our Arts team provides several ways for you to get involved and enhance your lifelong connection to the faculty. If you're interested, we would like to encourage you to reach out and explore these opportunities with us. We are excited to welcome you (back) to your alma mater and invite you to revisit our beautiful campus soon!

We take immense pride in the accomplishments of our alumni, who continuously demonstrate success in their professional and personal endeavours, engage with their communities in a meaningful way, exhibit leadership and intellectual curiosity, and make significant cultural contributions. Their collective efforts, combined with the support of our dedicated donors, contribute to addressing the intricate challenges of our era. Together, our alumni and donors are making a tangible difference in shaping a better future across the globe.


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The Faculty of Arts celebrates the distinctive skills and passions of all of our graduates. We take pride in not only their accomplishments but the diverse journeys they go on to pursue.

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