UAlberta Grant Application Deadlines

2019 - 2020 Key UAlberta Grant Application Deadlines

Notice about Deadlines:
Prior to submitting a grant application to a funding agency, researchers must submit their application for internal approval by the RSO. This is done through the online request for approval process, which faculty members initiate by logging into their Researcher Homepage (using the Login Button on the RSO homepage). See this Quick Reference Guide for instructions.

Approval is required before submitting most external and internal grant applications. This includes applications to the Killam Research Fund and KIAS.

Faculty of Arts Conference Fund and Support for the Advancement of Scholarship (SAS) do NOT require submission through the online process.

DEADLINES: What is my deadline for initiating a request for approval?

For most grants, you should initiate your request for approval at least seven business days prior to the funding agency's deadline.

Your Chair may have an earlier deadline!
For all grant applications, please speak with your Chair to see if they have an earlier deadline. Your Chair may ask that you initiate your request for approval earlier than suggested above or, alternatively, they may ask that you share a copy of your application in advance of initiating the request for approval.


What happens when I initiate a request for approval of a research grant application? The automated system requests approval from all relevant individuals, including your UAlberta-based co-applicants, your Chair, the Associate Dean (Research), and our Faculty's Research Facilitator in the RSO, Craig Taylor. The deadlines outlined above are designed to ensure requests for approval arrive in the RSO five business days prior to the agency's deadline (or eight days in the case of SSHRC IG and IDG applications).

Funding Program or Grant Agency Deadline
Alberta-Saskatchewan Research Collaboration Grant (KIAS) September 30, 2019
Killam Cornerstone Grant October 1, 2019
Killam Research Connection Grant October 1, 2019
Faculty of Arts SAS Grant October 15, 2019
Faculty of ARts Conference Fund October 15, 2019
UAlberta Distinguished Visitors Fund October 31, 2019
Kule Research Cluster Grants - LOI November 1, 2019
China Institute - Faculty Research Grants November 15, 2019
TLEF Professional Development Funding Funding for 2019 has been exhausted.
Next funding call mid-November 2019 for events starting after April 1, 2020. Watch CTL Website for announcement.
TLEF Project Awards Mid-January 2020
TLEF Seed Grants Mid-March 2020
Killam Cornerstone Grant
April 1, 2020
Killam Research Connection Grant April 1, 2020
Faculty of Arts SAS Grant April 15, 2020
Faculty of Arts Conference Fund Grant April 15, 2020
China Institute - Faculty Research Grants
May 15, 2020
UAlberta Distinguished Visitors Fund May 31, 2020
CRAfT Digital Research Archive Grant (KIAS) TBA
KIAS - CIH Alberta Humanities Research Grant TBA
Killam Conference Travel
90 days prior to travel
Killam Research Operating Ongoing
Kule Dialogue Grants
Kule Research Team Grants
Editing of Scholarly Journals - Support for Editors via Office VP-Research Ongoing
SSHRC General Research Fund (GRF) Ongoing