UAlberta Grant Application Deadlines

 Key UAlberta Grant Application Deadlines 

Note about Deadlines & Internal Approval Procedures:

The process for requesting approval of research grant applications is now managed through the Research Services Office’s (RSO’s) online approval system. To submit an application for review, log in to your Researcher Home Page using the Login Button on the RSO homepage and then click on “Create Application/Proposal/Project.” This Quick Reference Guide provides usefully detailed instructions. 
Please check the Faculty of Arts deadline for individual applications.

Once a request is submitted, the automated system will request approval from all relevant individuals, including your co-applicants, Chair, Associate Dean (Research), and our Faculty’s Research Facilitator in the RSO.

Note that for SSHRC and some other applications, the Associate Dean (Research) may provide a ‘peer review’ during the approval process, but final approval to submit your application comes from the RSO.
Please note that approval is required before submitting most external and internal grant applications. This includes SSHRC and other Tri-Council applications, as well as internal applications to the Killam Research Fund and KIAS.

The below deadlines are the AGENCY deadlines. The Faculty of Arts deadline is 10 business days prior to the below deadlines.

If you have any questions about deadlines or application process, please contact the Arts Research Office at

Applications to the Faculty of Arts SAS are, however, managed through the Faculty’s online application portal and do not require approval through the process described above.

Funding Program or Grant

Agency Deadline

Killam Cornerstone Grant

April 1 and October 1

Killam Research Connection Grant

April 1 and October 1

Faculty of Arts SAS Grant


Spring and Fall


Indigenous Engaged Research Grant Program

March 15 and October 15 

UAlberta Distinguished Visitors Fund

May 31 and October 31

China Institute – Faculty Research Grants

May 16 and November 15

China Institute – Special Faculty Initiatives

May 16 and November 15

Killam Conference Travel  90 days prior to travel


China Institute – Faculty Travel Grants


2 months prior to travel

Killam Research Operating Ongoing
Kule Dialogue Grants Ongoing
Kule Research Team Grants Ongoing – Submissions are reviewed once per month
Editing of Scholarly Journals Ongoing
SSHRC General Research Fund (GRF) Ongoing