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Media and Technology Studies (MTS) is a unit in the Faculty of Arts, comprising undergraduate and graduate programs and an undergraduate certificate. MTS boasts unique strengths in digital humanities, media and communication studies, digital society and culture, science, technology, and society and game studies. Our students are leading media, communication, technology and digitalization experts of the future. They are champions of our fast expanding online world, and carry the skills, knowledge and critical insights needed to navigate and provide leadership in today's algorithmic society. Our programs uniquely equip learners to shape landscapes of information exchange and digital culture in the years to come.


Media Studies Undergraduate Degree Program

Media Studies (MST) is the study of how to navigate, analyze, critically evaluate and contribute ethically to today's global media landscape. This multidisciplinary major examines the content, history and effects of media on our social, political and cultural systems.

Science, Technology + Society Undergraduate Degree Program

The Science, Technology and Society (STS) program is the place where science and technology are examined with the tools of philosophy, history, sociology, anthropology and cultural studies. It equips students to understand where science and technology come from, how science and technology have changed over time, and how these areas are embedded in and affect society.

Computer Game Development Undergraduate Certificate

The certificate in Computer Game Development is a joint certificate between the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science and is open to any undergraduate student at the University of Alberta. The certificate is intended to complement discipline-specific studies with courses that give opportunities to work in multidisciplinary teams, build complete small and medium-scale games and interact with industry.

Digital Humanities Master of Arts Program

The Digital Humanities program integrates computational methods and theories with research and teaching in the Arts and Humanities. It addresses the demand for Arts graduates to be able to work either in the realm of research and teaching or in the emerging job markets of information management and content delivery over the internet.

Communications + Technology Master of Arts Program

The MA in Communications and Technology (MACT) program offers a theoretical, historical and practical examination of communications in the era of the Internet, social media and the mobile device. The degree is designed for both emerging and established professionals involved with media and communications in their organizational roles.

Media + Technology Studies at a Glance

We live in a media-saturated world and that complex relationship between politics, economics, culture and the media is an important part of our lives. Developing a background in media studies gives students an opportunity to enter a variety of fields where technology and media are involved in one way or another. Watch the video for a brief introduction to our programs and facilities!

Offered in winter and Fall

STS 200 - Introduction to Studies in Science, Technology and Society

An examination of the interrelations of science, technology, society and environment, emphasizing an interdisciplinary humanities and social sciences perspective.

Winter term 2024
Online synchronous

MST 499 SEM 850 - special topics in media studies: political communication

This course is in partnership with the University of Central Asia.

This course focuses on modern political communication as purposeful communication about politics, government, and governance in both the overall global and specific Central Asian context. It will start out with the history and hybrid nature of political communication as a social science and applied discipline. It will then move to examining political communication as messaging about acquisition, distribution, exercise of and challenge to power in a society as it is exercised by both current and aspiring power holders, as well as those who are subjected to power.

Prerequisite: MST 100 or Consent of the Media Studies Area Coordinator

Please email the Media Studies Area Coordinator, Dr. Russell Cobb ( and MTS Undergraduate Advisor, Amanda Khamvongsa ( for more information.

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