Media and Technology Studies

What is Media and Technology Studies?

Media and Technology Studies (MTS) is a new unit in the Faculty of Arts, comprising two undergraduate programs (Media Studies; and Science, Technology and Society), two graduate programs (MA in Digital Humanities, and MA in Communications and Technology), and one undergraduate certificate (Computer Game Development). MTS is grounded in our unique strengths in digital humanities, media and communication studies, digital society and culture, science, technology, and society, and game studies. Our students are the leading media, communication, technology, and digitalization experts of the future. They are champions of our fast expanding online world, carrying the skills, knowledge, and critical insights needed to navigate and provide leadership in today's algorithmic society. Our programs uniquely equip them to shape the city’s, province’s, and country’s landscape of information exchange and digital culture in the years to come.

The Media and Technology Studies unit offers the following diverse programs


Media Studies
Science,Technology & Society


Digital Humanities
MA in Communication and Technology


Computer Game Development

Student Experiences