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Junos 2023 reminds us how Canadian content regulations and funding supports music across the country

Social media ‘Memories’ can be painful for survivors of gender-based violence: study

Ghosts in the machine: social media ‘memories’ can trigger survivors of gender-based violence

A recent study points to a problem with platforms digging up the past — and suggests potential solutions based on user experiences.

Geoffrey Rockwell discusses ChatGPT in new article

Professor Geoffrey Rockwell discusses ChatGPT in an article in the online news site The Conversation.

Nicolette Little interviewed on Real Talk with Ryan Jespersen

MTS' Dr. Nicolette Little recently appeared on Real Talk with Ryan Jespersen to discuss her work on social media and gender based violence

Reflections from the ICS

MACT student Phil Mozejko writes about his internship with Connect Humanity and attending the Indigenous Connectivity Summit.

MTS instructor Nicolette Little's article featured in Feminist Media Studies journal

People are leaving Twitter for Mastodon, but are they ready for democratic social media?

Music researcher shares his experience as a Polaris Music Prize juror and the program's significance for musicians

“By including music from all genres and regions across Canada with no regard for commercial metrics, a wider variety of artists can be recognized and included in the program,” says associate professor of popular music and media studies Brian Fauteux.

Beautiful brain: exhibit illuminates the human connections behind neuroscience

Artists, scientists and people with lived experience of brain disease and mental health disorders contribute pieces reflecting their unique perspectives.

Newly funded micro-credential programs will provide Albertans with job-ready skills

Computer game design, health-care simulation and artificial intelligence are among 10 U of A programs for people looking to gain skills for in-demand jobs in innovative industries.

Digital Humanities Graduate Greg Whistance-Smith Publishes First Book

Voyant Tools Wins Zampolli Prize

Jaimie Baron Awarded Radcliffe Fellowship

Congratulations to Jérémie Pelletier-Gagnon