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Student Voices: Dear CSL, with love

Francis Landy Farewell Lecture, December 2, 2015

Community Service-Learning changes the educational game

Student Voices: Helping... but in the most helpful way

Student Voices: The Best Accident That's Ever Happened to Me

Building Latrines = Building Character

The bankable Baldur's Gate: Why different companies are hitching their future to the BioWare classic (Edmonton Journal)

Arts professor of humanities computing Sean Gouglas comments in a story on how, nearly two decades after Baldur's Gate put Edmonton's BioWare on the map as a serious video game studio, several companies are piggybacking on the success of the classic series.


Healthy eating… with a dash of social justice

Alumna Leanne Brown was determined to create nutritious and delicious meal options for those on government assistance

"I am a digital humanist"

Humanities Computing grad Joyce Yu finds a program and a career that blends both sides of her personality

Sustainability studies bear fruit for ALES grad

For Nikki Way, setting up a campus farmers' market in her first year was a taste of success that influenced the rest of her degree.

Religious Studies Spring Symposium April 23 & 24, 2015

The University of Alberta's Religious Studies faculty and students will be hosting their Annual Spring Symposium on April 23 & 24.

Understanding Video Games is back bigger and better

Janey Kennedy receives Support Staff Recognition Award

On November 28, 2014, Janey Kennedy, Graduate/Undergraduate Coordinator for Interdisciplinary Studies & Community Service-Learning in the Faculty of Arts was awarded the Support Staff Recognition Award from the University of Alberta and it was presented at the Celebration of Service, Myer Horowitz Theatre.


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