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Researcher links AIDS to ?transactional sex?

by Meghan Potkins, Gateway Newspaper, March 11th 2005. Based on a lecture by Dr. Richard Lee, Distinguished Guest Speaker at the Richard Frucht memorial speakers' series. For more details on this art

Ignorance at the heart of ?Clash of Civilizations?

The Struggle for Social Justice in Zimbabwe

The deepening crisis in Zimbabwe has slipped out of international attention, as often happens with African issues

Early African-American feminist journalism explored

While gender and racial prejudices dominated the political landscape of the 19th century, African-American women found a means of revolting

Headscarf dilemma is tangled in politics

Muslim women wear headscarves called hejab; those who wear them insist that their religion requires it; those who don't say there is no such requirement

Is the boy with the belt the first of many to come?

Israeli security says it required the assassination of a Palestinian paraplegic who, Israel says, was a master terrorist, but, say his followers in Hamas, he was the spiritual guide

What Bush should know about Islam

In the nineteenth century, as French colonial interests were expanding into the interior of West Africa just south of the Sahara, a powerful desert clan claimed religious and economic control over much of the desert

A brief history of the Taliban

The Taliban have fallen, but trouble remains in Afghanistan

Abu-Laban honoured with Citation for Citizenship

For the past five years, University of Alberta sociologist Dr. Baha Abu-Laban has been the director of a centre that many thought would never exist

The view from the Middle East

The Consortium for Middle Eastern And African Studies and other on-campus organizations have given some University of Alberta students and Edmonton community members the chance to talk.

Panel to tackle U.S. hatred in the Middle East

In 1951, the nationalist Iranian government called on their allies, the United States, to help market and maintain an oil company that the Iranians were developing in Iran with the British

From child sacrifice to Christian kitsch


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