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Information Session for new online MTS Courses

Inside the mind of the machine

Researchers are tapping into psychology to improve AI — and better understand its implications on how we think, feel and interact.

As Canadian wildfires rage, Facebook’s news ban reveals the importance of radio

Game over: researchers aim to find out why gaming grads are exiting the industry early

MACT Online Information Session - Aug 8, 2023

Learning through dialogue: the High North Center leads the Arctic in collaborative conversations

Checking in with Sofija Srnić

Understanding the barriers facing games students – and how to remove them

Join us for the 2023 MACT Research Symposium and Distinguished Alumna Presentation

Arts researchers take significant role in huge national project on immigration

Junos 2023 reminds us how Canadian content regulations and funding supports music across the country

Social media ‘Memories’ can be painful for survivors of gender-based violence: study

Ghosts in the machine: social media ‘memories’ can trigger survivors of gender-based violence

A recent study points to a problem with platforms digging up the past — and suggests potential solutions based on user experiences.

Geoffrey Rockwell discusses ChatGPT in new article

Professor Geoffrey Rockwell discusses ChatGPT in an article in the online news site The Conversation.

Nicolette Little interviewed on Real Talk with Ryan Jespersen

MTS' Dr. Nicolette Little recently appeared on Real Talk with Ryan Jespersen to discuss her work on social media and gender based violence


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