Information Session for new online MTS Courses

19 October 2023

Media and Technology Studies at the University of Alberta has partnered with the University of Central Asia to offer online courses in political communication and science communication in Winter term 2024.

A limited number of places are available. We encourage Undergraduate students from across the  Faculty of Arts to apply to register in these courses, but we especially encourage students in Media Studies, as this exchange will provide an international perspective on your field of study.  Applications will be subject to review and approval by the course convener. 

To learn more about this unique opportunity join us for an information session on November 2 at 2 PM MDT.

Register for the Zoom session here

MST 499 - Political Communication (in partnership with University of Central Asia)

This course focuses on modern political communication as purposeful communication about politics, government, and governance in both the overall global and specific Central Asian context. It will start out with the history and hybrid nature of political communication as a social science and applied discipline. It will then move to examining political communication as messaging about acquisition, distribution, exercise of and challenge to power in a society as it is exercised by both current and aspiring power holders, as well as those who are subjected to power.

MST 399 - Science Communication (in partnership with University of Central Asia)

Learn about the practice of science communication for non-scientific audiences, such as writing for both online and print outlets, podcasting and short video production. Students will develop a critical understanding of the wider societal context of both science and communication. They will examine how communication practices can address contemporary science communication challenges and enhance public understanding of science.