About Us

Undergraduate Programs


Computer Game Development (Certificate)

The Certificate in Computer Game Development is a joint certificate between the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science and is open to the entire University community. The certificate is intended to complement discipline-specific studies with courses that give opportunities to work in multidisciplinary teams, build complete small and medium-scale games, and interact with industry.

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies is a joint degree between the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Agricultural, Life, and Environmental Sciences (ALES). The program examines the scientific, cultural, economic, moral, political and social dimensions of environmental issues. Students develop the expertise to identify, frame and develop solutions to some of today's most important environmental issues. With this degree, you can pursue a career in law, business, economics, resource management, journalism or government as well as graduate studies.

Science Technology and Society

Science, Technology and Society (STS) is an interdisciplinary program that draws on the history, philosophy, and sociology of science. The program in STS provides students from the sciences and humanities with a broad overview of the field that capitalizes on existing faculty strengths and developing interests.

Media Studies

Media Studies (MST) is the study of how to navigate, analyze, critically evaluate, and contribute ethically to today's global media landscape.This multidisciplinary major examines the content, history and effects of media on our social, political and cultural systems.


Graduate Programs

Media and Technology Studies currently houses a robust and innovative graduate program in Digital Humanities. Our program has three guiding principles.

  1. Rigorous intellectual inquiry on topics that make a difference in the world
  2. Meaningful graduate mentorship that integrates our students in university research projects.
  3. Sustainable funding for graduate students that allows students to focus on their work.

Media and Technology Studies challenges undergraduate students to consider the complexity of issues that shape human experience. These challenges can be found in interdisciplinary majors, minors, certificates, and courses across a range of subjects.