Certificate in Computer Game Design

Introducing our New Certificate in Computer Game Design!

Gain new skills to prepare for a career in this exciting and growing industry!

Open to everyone 

Our new certificate in computer game design, which is available to everyone, will provide you with an exciting and innovative introduction to designing and building games. Most games are built by teams of programmers, artists, writers, musicians, designers, and engineers. This new certificate will introduce you to the ideas and theories that shape game design from these various perspectives using industry leading tools to create your own game.

Hosted by the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Arts, this certificate builds on University of Alberta’s world-leading expertise in games research and teaching. The certificate is made possible by our decades-long partnerships with the gaming industry in Edmonton – partners who helped build the content of this certificate.

The Certificate

  • 3 Courses
  1. Game Design: Prototypes
  2. Game Design: Production
  3. Game Design: Polish
  • 30 hours of instruction per course using industry-leading tools

The Industry

  • $5.5 billion is what computer games contribute to the Canadian economy
  • 86 game studios in Edmonton, with a similar number of studios in the rest of the province


The certificate is made up of three courses that introduce you to the fundamentals of game design: prototypes, production, and polish. These fundamentals have been identified by industry partners as essential skills for those looking for employment in the games industry.


Video games are an essential contributor to the economy of both Alberta and Canada. This new certificate will help kickstart your career in games. Perhaps you want to build your own game company, or perhaps you want to reskill into a game design job, or perhaps you just want your first taste of the game design process. This certificate will help get you there.

And, after completing the certificate, you may wish to expand your educational experience by taking additional courses in game design and development at the University of Alberta. We have lots of options!

Registration Information 

Stay tuned for registration information!