Science, Technology and Society

                 Welcome to STS from Dr. Marko Zivkovic, Area Coordinator 


What is Science, Technology & Society?

Science, Technology and Society invites you to explore the role and impact of scientific and technological developments on human societies past and present. From the invention of the plow to the latest digital technologies, science and technology have shaped societies throughout the world. How did these practices arise? How have they influenced our social institutions, ethical values, cultural practices, and economic systems? And how can we manage their impact in the future?

About the Program

This interdisciplinary program combines insights from Anthropology, Art and Design, Economics, English and Film Studies, History, Sociology, and Philosophy to help you think critically about the roles scientific and technological practices play in our lives.

A major or minor in Science, Technology and Society prepares you for careers in fields such as law, public affairs, information technology, journalism, museum studies, policy analysis, and science education.