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Israelis and Palestinians can come to peace agreement

Israel will improve its relationship with the Palestinians and its human rights record, says a director of the Hillel Foundation for National Jewish Campus Life.

U of A prize-winner explores Japanese literature

A University of Alberta graduate has translated her love of languages into a national research prize

Closing the ingenuity gap between arts and sciences

You only need to scan the headlines to know research funding at Canadian universities is rising dramatically

Tory lecturer contemplates the art of peace

In summarizing the Paris peace talks that ended the First World War, Dr. Margaret MacMillan cited France's then-prime minister Georges Clemenceau, who noted that making peace is harder than waging war

Master of Islamic vocal arts to perform on campus

The halls of the University of Alberta's School of Business resonated with sacred song this morning as Shaykh Mohamed el-Helbawy, an Egyptian master of the Islamic vocal arts, demonstrated the different styles of his craft to a religious studies class.


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