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The skills and abilities you develop over the course of your Arts degree help open doors to a wide variety of career possibilities. As workplaces and technologies change, Arts degrees are even more important. The diverse set of integrative skills you gain in the Faculty of Arts will equip you well for careers of the future.

Some of the top skills that today's employers are seeking, that are developed during your Arts degree, include:

  • Written and Verbal Communication: thanks to the endless amount of research papers and in-class presentations, Arts students have both strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Innovation: Arts students are able to think outside of the box and come up with creative solutions to problems
  • Collaboration: group work is a part of many courses found in the Arts degree. The ability to work effectively as part of a team is very important to employers
  • Adaptability: Arts students take a variety of courses in different disciplines which make them adaptable to new situations, ways of thinking, and subject matter
  • Critical Thinking: Arts courses are rooted in the study of understanding humanity and as a result students have the ability to apply a critical lens to see and understand individuals and situations from different angles and perspectives

Gain experience!

Careers are not linear. Your experiences, values and interests, are some of the many components that will impact your career. Most people's careers are impacted by unexpected events or happenstance. By engaging in activities, such as Experiential Learning in Arts, you become an active participant in your career development and are prepared to react when these unexpected events occur.

Experiential Learning (+EXP) in Arts allows you to take your undergraduate education 'beyond the classroom', by providing opportunities for you to participate in research, community service, work and travel. +EXP connects you to your field of study through experiences that lead to challenge, reflection, and personal growth.

Learn more about +EXP opportunities in the Faculty of Arts.

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